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Top 10 Oriental Wedding Dresses

Stunning oriental wedding gown
Stunning oriental wedding gown
Oriental motifs have always been on the agenda. Various artists tend to use elements of the far and middle eastern culture in their striking works. Fashion has also experienced some influence of the orientalism: you can spot all kinds of clothing pieces designed in this style. What we are most interested in has of course to do with wedding gowns. Since there are so many of various offers today, it is quite reasonable to look for something unique and extraordinary. And a wedding dress in oriental design fits into this image just in a perfect way. If you are not sure about what exactly you should search for, below are several examples to give you an idea as well as simplify your life. While the gown of your dream does not necessarily have to look as any of the presented ones, you can still use the samples to get more inspiration and draft a more or less clear outline in your mind.

10 Most Fabulous Wedding Gowns in With Oriental Touch

My favorite piece will definitely speak to you as well. There is no way one can stay indifferent toward such an item, unless this someone is an absolutely heartless person. A richly embellished gown in beige, light blue, white and gold does not sound like a traditional wedding dress. I bet you have never seen a bride wearing such a number – and neither have I. This mere fact makes such a dress even more engaging and appealing. Who would not want to rock something as creative and innovative as this striking piece of clothing?

Another magnificent frock features several textures as well as mind-blowing design. The basis of the outfit is a beige maxi dress with a flare pleated skirt and embroidered hemline. It would have been a completely regular piece of wedding wear if it had not been for the adorable jacket in burgundy-purplish velvet with beautiful gold embellishment. The styling looks as if it was handmade, which makes the item very unique and appealing. This outfit will definitely be a good match for cooler weather, as you might get quite hot on a summer day.

The following dress might seem to be rather plain compared with the previous ones, however this is not the case. The white gown with a baggy silhouette features quite an engaging design as well. Yet, it takes time to recognize the beauty of the piece, as it always happens with true diamonds. I like the mesh sleeves as well as the luxuriously embroidered tail that creates an impression of princess’s outfit. The delicate embellishment in silver adds up to the image and gives the look a very elegant zest.

If you are a fan of India and everything that is connected to this charming country, then you should definitely opt for a sari. It certainly does not have to be that bright or feature the very same design and style, but at least you can use this piece as an example to guide you in the future. However, if you ever decide to wear such a dress, make sure you warn your guests beforehand – otherwise they may not be able to bear such a shock. I absolutely love the color palette of the number: rich turquoise mixed with dark gold and deep purple creates a fascinating impression. No one will even notice your beloved one, if you rock such an outfit.

One more piece in white will also speak to many of you. Unlike the above dresses, this one does not differ from the conventional wedding wear that much. Yet, it looks very refreshing and lovely, which is always a decent argument in favor of any article of clothing. Very delicate and exquisite ornaments in black along with the matching hem and a light scarf look very engaging and creative. If you still want to look in a more or less traditional way, yet feature some oriental elements, this is a perfect option for you.

These were some of the most alluring and marvelous wedding dresses featuring oriental motifs. Browse through the gallery for more gowns and choose the one that speaks to you the most.

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