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Ideas On How To Trash The Dress

There are many ways to trash your dress and make lots and lots of lovely memories. Trash the dress is a project where the brides using professional photography practically ruin their wedding dresses.

Trash The Dress Ideas

From Riviera Maya Photographer

Some brides writhe in mud while others lie on the beach in their beautiful wedding gowns. There are also those who burn their dresses while wearing them. Trashing the dress isn’t difficult. Making beautiful photography while doing so is. So be sure to hire a professional and tell them what you have in mind for your own project. Your hurband can too trash his tux.

Finger paint your dress. This is a great way to trash your dress especially if you already have kids. Use kid-friendly paints and dress as canvas. You, husband and kids will have fun with this idea after making other shots in different settings as well.

Underwater photography may be a bit too common for the Trash the dress project but it sure is amazing. If you love underwater photography in general there are so many beautiful photo opps with your white dress right there.

Go apple or berry-picking in the garden if you want your professional photoshoot to be truly fairy tale-ish. Climb trees, lie in flower meadows and pick fruit off the bushes.

Left for Dead-inspired photoshoot by Jervy Satiago

Take a scene from a favorite TV show, movie, book or video game and play it out and also photograph it. Invite friends to help and choose the most creative and appropriate locations to shoot your favorite scene.

If you are going for a honeymoon to an exotic country you’ve never been before this is your chance to trash the dress as well as make a lot of beautiful memories. Choose the best locations you can find online and try to shoot at most of them.

You can always cut up the dress for beautiful fabric samples or elements you’d like to incorporate into your other more casual dress or blouse and you know, take a photo.


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