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How To Style Your Wedding Dress With Fur

Wedding dress with a fur coat
Wedding dress with a fur coat
Days are getting more chilly and sun seems to be not heating us up at all. This is the time when so many people tend to fall into depression over the warm weather and memorable vacation. There are several ways to overcome this depression, but the rightest one would be to get yourself busy with something engaging. One of such things would be familiarizing with different outfits you can wear during this chilly season. And since we are talking about weddings here, it is the collection of hot bridal gowns that you ought to be looking at. Regardless of whether you are planning to get married in the nearest feature or not, this knowledge will always be useful for you, as sooner or later the big day will arrive. Hence, scroll down and enjoy the six adorable and super beautiful wedding dresses that are styled with fur – quite an actual material for the fall season.

6 Gorgeous Fur Embellished Bridal Gowns

The easiest and most reasonable way to add some fur to your dress is to wear a lovely fur jacket. The piece on the image above looks incredibly delicate and delicate and by all means makes the outfit more exquisite and luxurious. Besides, just imagine how warm and cozy you will feel in such an ensemble on a cold and windy day. The most attractive thing about such a coat is that it will fit any dress possible, be it a strapless bustier frock or the one with short spaghetti straps and open back. Moreover, you will able to rock the item afterwards – on an occasion other than you wedding ceremony, which is another quite valuable asset.

In case you are in love with big volumes and engaging designs, then you are most likely to fall in love with this striking gown. The beautiful strapless frock features a very precious and sophisticated bodice, while the large and layered skirt is designed in a very appealing and unique way. Instead of expected and somewhat boring organza and tulle, this piece is styled in fur. However, this material does not look the way it normally does – which definitely makes this dress more delicate and lovely. The light and gorgeous waves of fur complement each other in a vertical direction and create an irresistible image.

If you prefer more moderate fits and would like to wear something less conventional, here is a perfect piece for you. This astonishing and incredibly unique wedding jump-suit in mother-in-pearl will make any wedding more engaging and alluring. The glistening fabric of the main piece is combined with the exotic glare of crystal white fur. The saucy and cool item covers shoulders of the bride and leaves a lot of room for imagination, while managing to keep the lady warm and protected. This is an excellent combination of features which is definitely worth to be tried on.

If you are a fan of short fits and more outrageous silhouettes, then this gorgeous number designed by Karl Lagerfeld is awaiting for you. The knee-high length along with the off-shoulder silhouette and total-fur texture creates a mind-blowing effect. This strikingly beautiful and hypnotizing dress is a great choice for those brides who would like to stand out from the crowd and show off their individuality. The dim violet shade as well as the rich embellishment of the number make it quite hard to resist its beauty and charm.

Dresses that skim silhouette are always on trend. Such wedding frocks tend to stress voluptuous body features of their owners and emphasize the beauty of a bride once again. This marvelous thick spaghetti strap gown in slate gray also features a very engaging design. The mother-in-pearl panel in the middle of the dress seems to be splitting the piece into two parts, whereas the fur tail adds a fantastic and super exquisite touch to the image.

Last but not least comes a very delicate and probably the most moderate wedding dress of all the presented ones today. This sweet and cute gown features classic organza, modest skirt and A-fit. Besides that, the number is styled with a fur accessory that stresses the gracious shoulders and neckline of the bride. The strapless bustier frock would look too simple and boring with this fur embellishment.

These were the hottest wedding dresses that you can style with fur. Which dress did you like the most?

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