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How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Dress Silhouette

Bride may get lost in the great profusion of wedding dresses silhouettes: ball gown, empire, a-line, sheath etc. Important aspect to keep in mind that while your weight may vary between the date of purchasing the wedding gown and the day of your wedding, you body type will always remain the same.

So, keep in mind that the main principle you should follow in choosing your wedding dress is the perfect fit. The perfect fit, in most parts, depend on finding the right silhouette for your figure. It won’t only provide you with the essential comfort, but also make you look the best way. Our guide will direct you in the complicated process of wedding dress choosing.

Body types and matching wedding dresses silhouettes

This type of figure imply the curves in the right places like chest and hips and a thin waist.
Dos: Wedding dress with A-line with the law waist will perfectly demonstrate your figure. Don’t forget to get the one with the sweetheart-shaped neckline in order to reveal your chest. You may also go for the more curvaceous silhouettes like the fit-and-flare gown in the mermaid style.
Don’ts: Stay away from the dresses with ball or empire-waist silhouettes as they can make you appear disproportioned.
Short waist
Usually, women with the short waist have well-proportioned body, the only nuance is the small interval between the ribs and hips area.
Dos: The Princess-line silhouette with the perfect fit on the bodice with the gradual opening and transferring into the full skirt will gracefully elongate your figure. If you have nice shoulders, you may opt for the portrait of halter neckline. Another way to elongate your torso is opting for the gown with the slightly dropped waist.
Don’ts: Gown with sheath silhouette will reveal your short waist.
Thick waist
The main shortcoming of your figure is undefined waist- there is no significant difference between the hips and waist width.
Dos: You can reach the lean look and conceal imperfection of your waist by wearing the wedding dress with the empire silhouette.
Don’ts: Gowns with the princess-line and basque waist will attract too much attention to your waist area.
Full figure
Women with this body type have a bit more volume on the areas like breast, waist, hips and butt.
Dos: You may choose either the ball gown or the a-line silhouette. Both of them are able to hide extra weight.
Don’ts: Sheath silhouette along with spaghetti straps will make you look bigger than you are.
Pear shape
This figure is similar to the pear shape- smaller on the top and bigger on the bottom.
Dos: Gown with the basque waist as well as the strapless ball gown will conceal the bottom half and accentuate the upper one. Dress with Empire silhouette will fit closely the smallest upper part and cover the one down there.
Don’ts: Gowns of a sheath, trumpet or mermaid styles will emphasize your bottom.
The height here doesn’t really matter, what really matters is the ballerina grace and beauty.
Dos: If you want to appear a princess on your own wedding ball, opt for the ball gown. Dresses with the sheath-silhouette will suit you too.
Don’ts: I can ensure that almost every silhouette will compliment your figure, but you’d better avoid going for the off-the-shoulder or halter necklines in case your collarbone is too skinny.
Women with tiny body frame.
Dos: Almost all dress silhouettes are able to flatter your body type, but the sheath and A-line silhouettes will suit you best.
Don’ts: The main advice is keeping it simple. A big gown with the complicated details will make you appear as if it is wearing you rather than you wearing it.

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