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7 Striking Wedding Gowns in Trendiest Colors

Mesmerizing gown in lucite green
Mesmerizing gown in lucite green
Color trends of Spring 2015 have a lot to offer. One will be definitely astonished by the awesome options that are considered to be the hottest and trendiest shades of this season. Everything from classic blue and delicious strawberry ice to refreshing lucite green and elegant glacier green is capable of making your mouths water. I myself found this new palette quite appealing and cool and have no doubts that you will fall in love with these beautiful colors as well. To give you a better idea on what exactly this spring is expecting from you, here is a collection of mind-blowing wedding gowns in the most saucy and alluring shades ever. Scroll down to get overwhelmed by the charm and beauty of these astonishing designs and choose the one for your big day!

7 Breath-Taking Bridal Dresses For Spring 2015

Lucite green is a purely spring shade. This color manages to make every single outfit more delicate and exquisite. So there should be no room for doubts when we are looking at a lovely wedding gown in this shade. Everything from the strapless bustier fit to asymmetrical skirt and moderate tail make this item stand out and allure. The light organza embellished along the trim of the skirt creates an incredibly light image, which adds up to the overall impression. With such a gown, one does not need any excessive accessories, as the piece itself looks quite sufficient.

Strawberry ice is for those ladies who love to be in the limelight. This strikingly beautiful gown in a very bold and bright shade also features a very unique design. Not every single lady would dare to rock such a number on her wedding day – this is a fact. However, if you are courageous enough to glow ans shine in this item, then you will surely remember this day as one of the most glorious and wonderful ones. The multiple layers of organza are styled in a chaotic way, creating an impression of an unfinished composition. The beige underskirt is offset by the bright accents, while the bodice features embroidered fabric with a cute bow culminating the engaging ensemble.

Glacier gray will help you stay sophisticated and very formal, while the unique and very engaging design of this gown is meant to make the outfit more alluring and adorable. I have no doubt that many of you will fall in love with this stunning dress, as it is full of elegant touch and moderate hue. Unlike the two previous ones, it is styled in a very classic wedding palette, which makes it suit almost any lady. Yet, due to the lovely and creative design, the frock still manages to stand out from the myriad of others and keep our minds busy with it.

Classic blue might seem to be too dark for a wedding gown. Yet, once you try it on, you will see that it is not at all. It all depends on how you position yourself – if you do not feel comfortable in such kind of an outfit, then people around you will receive the very same message. However, if you do go for this option, then you can be sure that your look will be one of the most exquisite and unique ones. I doubt that anyone else in your circles has opted for a blue wedding gown, so why not to be a trendsetter?

Custard yellow is something that I fell in love with. This is the shade which has so much vibe and energy in it, that it is impossible to not fall for it. I personally would go for such a frock, as it perfectly fits my interpretation of a bridal dress. First of all, I am in love with such delicate yet unique shades – and I am very positive that many of you will share my affection. Also, lace always looks precious and alluring, especially in combination with such soft and moderate lines. This is an excellent wedding gown for those brides-to-be who would rather stay on the conventional yet hypnotizing side.

Toast almond will also speak to many of you. This shade is the most classic and modest of all the presented ones and this is one of the reasons one would like it. Additionally, the color seem to be very much aristocratic and luxurious, so no wonder why it has so many fans among fashionistas. As can be seen from this example, a bridal gown in toast almond is going to be a magnificent piece worth of a big round of applause. Both the moderate silhouette and rich atlas fit into the image in a gorgeous way.

Aquamarine is my favorite color of Spring 2015. The moment I saw this beautiful shade, I realized how much I would like to wear something like this to my wedding. Even though it is not around the corner yet, I still marked this mesmerizing piece so that I can get back to it, whenever the big day is. The adorable dress is designed in such a great way, that one has practically no chance to pass by it without a sigh of admiration.

What do you think of these beautiful gowns? Which color trend of Spring 2015 would you go for?

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