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Ideas of Unique Wedding Ceremonies




Every couple of those in love wants their wedding ceremony to be unique and memorable, but it could be a problem choosing the ideal surrounding for your celebration. Sure, there are plenty of locales you can choose from and your choice should be based on the following factors: season of the year, budget and the amount of guests. We are presenting you the 10 wedding ceremony ideas that suit the criteria like romanticism, practicalness and uniqueness. Also don’t forget about bringing your person style to the ceremony.



Wedding Ceremonies Ideas

There is no a better place for the small intimate ceremony than the neat little chapel. In this case the size matters, moreover it provides the fairytale effect. If you decide opting for the chapel, keep it classic both in the decorations and in the gown selection. Chapel will make your small wedding with the few dozens of guests appear cozy but without being too informal. Besides, pictures taken against the background of the picturesque chapel are stunning. Remember, chapel will be suitable for any time of the years.
Following your passion
Those of you who cannot imagine their lives without arts can set the wedding ceremony at your favorite art gallery. Or maybe you are the animal-lover, then it is worth of asking the zoo authorities whether you can hold your ceremony there. But keep in mind that such unusual places require more preparation like the permission and careful planning. Besides, you will need to bring into play some additional creativity. Sure, the untypical wedding ceremony fraught with the additional obstacles, but it can become a beginning of the great story and the unique experience both for you and your guests.
Art gallery


Wineries tend to become more and more popular places for the wedding ceremonies and it is not surprising. Its rich history and picturesque background make the wineries the breathtaking settings for the ceremonies. Wineries are spread across the country, so don’t give up with the winery idea just because you don’t live in the Napa valley, instead make some research.
Anything related to the ocean or to the water in general is associated with the romantic. The water background also provides a lot of design opportunities. Keep in mind that the ceremonies on the water look amazing during the sunny days, but appear gray and bleak in the bad weather. You may also consider ferries, houseboats, dockside restaurants and parks by the water.
Sea wedding
Country club
Country clubs often provide with the plentiful facilities that allow making indoor and outdoor wedding ceremonies. Thought they can be both pricy and have certain restrictions that you should figure in advance. But in case your budget allows you, the relaxed ambience of the country club will make your wedding calm and comfy.
Country club
Historic building
Historic buildings or museums provide with the picturesque sites for the wedding ceremony. Some of them may even have the great rental discount opportunities. Besides, they usually have the impressive views that guarantee the great photo opportunities. Before starting the selection process, check with the local chamber of commerce for the offers: sometimes college and state owned buildings are available for rent on the limited basis.
HIstoric building
Park is the perfect place for the budget-friendly weddings. The outdoor wedding ceremonies have that special charm. Besides, it doesn’t require much decoration as the Mother Nature is beautiful itself. You can rent a covered site for the nominal fee with the electrical service available. If you are sure in the warm weather conditions, then the park is the way to go.
Setting the wedding ceremony at the backyard of the house you grew up in can become a touching tribute to your parents. Though, the limited territory often dictates the small number of guests. In addition, weather plays the significant role. The necessary adding of the items like tents, tables, lighting, chairs and platform can lead to landscape destroying as well. Parking can be also an issue.
Extreme places
You always perceive with the excitement stories about the couples getting married scuba diving, skydiving or mountain climbing. Extreme weddings can be exciting, unique and memorable. It might turn into the event of your life. If you dream of the untypical ceremony, make sure to keep it safe. Besides, think about your guests- make it interesting for them as well.
Extreme wedding


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