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Wedding Cakes Ideas for 2012

Wedding cakes nowadays have to meet 3 main criteria: look gorgeous, meet the overall theme of the wedding and have wonderful taste. Though it is not easy meeting all these requirements, today’s cake designers though manage to bake cakes of amazing design and taste. So, I am presenting you the latest wedding cakes trends.

Pure classic cakes

Cakes overloaded with decorations and confections are left in the past. These days couples tend to opt for classical designs that in most cases match the bridal gown cloth or details like beading. Though, cakes with extraordinary designs like the ones covered with red frosting and decorated with silver-dusted polka dots or cakes performed in pale blue and studded with chocolate-brown sugar flowers are the latest trend.

Shapely cakes

The cake shape with round tiers is still the favorite at today’s ceremonies, though square, octagon and hexagon versions are getting more and more popular especially among modern and laid-back couples. These shape give the cakes a sophisticated touch without frilling adding. Sometimes, couples searching for multidimensional feel tend to combine differently-shaped tiers for instance round tiers on square ones.

Sturdy cakes

Cake tiers stacked upon tall Roman columns have all but disappeared, as most couples opt for layers placed directly on top of one another. If the cake is too heavy, designers may sometimes use pillars for support, though they’re usually hidden behind fresh flowers. Fresh berries, sugared fruits, and thick bands of sugarpaste flowers are also appearing between the layers, which creates a lush and luxurous appearance.

Subdued color cakes

Today’s wedding tendency leans to using the subdued colors including the cakes trends. Light blush, ice blue, pale pistachio, rum pink and lavender are the main hues of the latest seasons. The various shades of butterscotch and café with milk are also the latest trends. Lately cake designers tend to unite the two tones of the same color. For instance, we may often see the perfectly white foundation wrapped with textured white ribbon and topped with cream-colored calla lilies.

Fresh cakes

Flowers are popular in any form: either sugarpaste flowers or the fresh ones. Modest and simple flowers took the place of frivolous blooms. Today couples opt for orchids, calla lilies, tulips and gardenias. Daisies are also among the favorite flowers due to their cheerful appeal. Cake decorating with Swiss dots, rose petals and scrollwork are still popular.

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