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10 Tips on Looking Beautiful on Your Wedding

Wedding day is probably the most important moment in the life of every woman that’s why it is essential to follow these wedding day beauty guide.

How to look beautiful on your wedding

Don’t over accessorize
Rather than trying to overload your look with the bunch of accessories, try to opt for one bold item. It could be either the heirloom earrings or the beautiful veil. Then select the plain accessories to complement the balanced look. Keep in mind that veil, bouquet and gown’s decoration elements are also considered to be the accessories.
Play with your best features
Every woman should know her best features. If you have the flawless beautiful skin, emphasize it using the lotion with light-reflecting effect. A bit of fake lashes will make your eyes look bigger and the touch of the bright lip gloss will add your lips the touch of sensuality. In case you are not used to wearing the makeup, remember that your wedding day is an exception. Put on just a bit of mascara, blush and lip gloss and you will appear looking wonderful on wedding photos.
Choose the veil and hairstyle that fits your face shape
It is not an easy task figuring what type of hairstyle and veil will work best for your face type. You can appeal to the general rule: width adds width while length adds length. Those women that have the round face should opt for the slim veil and hairstyle, while long-faced women would rather add more volume to their face.
Don’t stick to the strapless dress only
Nowadays wedding gowns with the strapless neckline are probably the most popular brides’ choice, but it doesn’t always look flattering on every single bride that tends to choose it. It looks ridiculous when the bride is constantly trying to pull up her gown since it doesn’t fit her tight. So, those brides with the full bust can opt for the off-the-shoulder style, while the brides with less voluminous breast can consider wearing dresses with the V or Sabrina neckline.
Accessories material should match your dress
Though it is a small detail, it can still ruin the entire look. Remember to choose the accessories that will match your wedding dress shade. The snow white gown requires jewelry made from platinum or pearls. An ivory gown could be complemented with the gold accessories.
Your bouquet is not a trophy
Brides tend to hold their wedding bouquets like the trophy. Maybe that could be explained by the heightened nervousness and thus the bouquet serves as a distracting element. Remember that your wedding bouquet is supposed to complement your bridal image, but not to draw all attention to it. One way is holding you bouquet the way you did it when walking down the aisle.
Imperial bearing at the ceremony altar
As you can suppose, during the ceremony all the attention will be directed on you. But you should still demonstrate your self confidence and one of the ways to do that is pulling your shoulders back and standing straight.
Dance with confidence
The first dance is the second moment when you will be the focus of everyone’s attention. Even if you are planning to include the difficult choreography into your first dance, you should at least try to hold the posture.
Don’t over try with the dieting
The majority of brides try to lose some extra weight couple weeks prior the big day. Moreover, the packed schedule and a lot of tasks to do also lead to it. Don’t over try with dieting since it will make you appear exhausted on your wedding day.
Try to smile even if you don’t feel like doing it all the time and your mouth start feeling dumb because of the constant smiling. Nothing can beautify the bride better than the sincere smile full of happiness and joy. But smile is not only about the right lip shape- it starts with your eyes.

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