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How to Choose Wedding Jewelry

Every bride knows that wedding jewelry is an essential element of the bridal look. Once you decide on the wedding dress, you should find the perfectly matching accessories. Sure, every bride wouldn’t mind using the advices of the professional style expert, but as long as this is a costly service, all you may do is rely on your own sense of taste and on our useful tips.

Everything about bridal jewelry

Express the inner you and your personal style in bridal accessories. So, if you just cannot leave the house without your favorite strand of pearls on the neck, then don’t break this “tradition” at the moment you say “I do”.

The most appropriate rule for wearing the bridal jewelry is “less is more”, but not always. Going for making a statement with the jewelry can lead to wonderful results such as the necklace made from tropical flowers, strains of pearls and sparkles. However, remember- don’t let the jewelry outshine the beauty of your face and your dress. I think the pair of diamond studs coupled with the string of pearls is a good way to complement your look. Strive for the elegant look with a timeless feel.
Base your choice on the design of your wedding gown. The rule of thumb is the more embellishment there is on your wedding dress, the simpler your jewelry should look. While the modest dress requires adding the bold accessories and details.

Don’t forget that the bridal accessories have to correspond with the format of the wedding celebration. When it comes to informal wedding with a small amount of people, the better choice would be the simple jewelry. The larger former one, in turn, calls for more sophisticated pieces. For the informal backyard spring wedding you may opt for the bright jewelry of original design. The winter wedding in the luxurious ballroom usually requires the glitz of elegant and classy jewels.Bridal-jewelry12

The dress neckline is another thing you should consider when picking the bridal jewelry. Nowadays brides tend to opt for the gowns with low necklines or strapless ones, what allows ideal demonstrating the stunning necklaces. In case you want to wear the gown with a high neckline for your wedding, you should forget about the necklace and make an accent on the large earrings.

What metal to choose
The color of your wedding gown will predetermine what metal would work best with it.
– White dress requires jewelry made from platinum or silver. Yellow gold will conflict with the pure white color.
– The off-white dress could be complemented by the gold or silver/platinum jewelry.
– Ivory dress requires gold jewelry.


The tradition of wearing pearl bridal jewelry goes back to the ancient Greek where pearls served as the symbol of marital harmony.
Diamonds do really deserve the status of the best female friends owing to their unique ability to shine like no other gemstones. Isn’t sparkle what the brides look for on their wedding day? Don’t get upset if you cannot afford buying the diamond necklace, rares will determine the difference between the faux and real diamonds.

Colored stones
The colored stones and gems is the perfect way to add some color and vivify your wedding look. So, consider wearing the jewelry with blue, pink, green or yellow stones.

Guide on necklaces

Collar. The collar shape of necklace is inspired by the Victorian style and includes three or more strands that fit around the neck. It will serve as a perfect complementary of the low or strapless neckline.
Bib. This style comes in the range of colors and shapes starting from the vivid geometric to soft ones.
Princess. Its length is about 16 to 18 inches. It usually comes with a pendant. Princess would match almost any kind of neckline, except the high one.
Matinee. This necklace style goes all the way down to the bust and looks stunning with a bateau, jewel or a lower neckline layered with a sheer fabrics on the décolletage.
Opera. Opera is single-strand necklace that goes below the bust. It looks elegant when worn with the high neckline.
Chocker. Chocker is one to three strands that lay close to each other. It works ideal with a jewel or bateau neckline.

Guide on earrings

Remember the golden rule- pair simple earrings with a large and sophisticated necklace. Also, avoid wearing earrings if you plan to wear an elaborate hairpiece since they can interfere. In case you plan to exclude necklace from your look, consider accentuating the look with interesting earrings, maybe a chandelier style. Keep in mind that the balance is essential.

Guide on bracelet

Bracelet is not as common in the bridal look as necklace or earrings. However, you still may consider wearing it along with the sleeveless, short-sleeve or three-quarter sleeve wedding dresses. As for the watch, you would better leave it at home unless it is a family heirloom.


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