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7 Mind-Blowing Bridal Capes For Winter 2015

White dress with an oversized tail
White dress with an oversized tail
If you are right in the process of arranging your wedding ceremony, this is the right post for you. You are most likely to fall in love with the pieces that are showcased below, as all of them are full of unique vibe and creative design. In case you are planning to have your wedding ceremony during the winter time, but don’t want to rock any coat – you will desperately need a couple of tips on how to style a bridal cape. Good thing that there are so many examples circulating in the world web now; however, I have chosen the most outstanding and worthy for you to check out.

7 Coolest Wedding Capes For A Winter Wedding

Here comes the most unique and flabbergasting piece of today’s collection. The moment I spotted this impressive cape, I realized how much I would like to wear the very same one. This astonishing skimming sleeveless gown in white is absolutely magnificent. Yet, when it is combined with the impressive cream cape with such a long tail that one would probably require help of several bridesmaids, the outfit becomes totally irresistible. Besides, the upper part of the cape is embellished with some fringe – which is still on trend this season. Overall, this is a very saucy and exciting ensemble.

In case you are a fan of gold embellishment, then you will fall for this beautiful number. The striking long-sleeved dress features a delicate belt in gold along the waistline as well as the matching embellishment all over the dress and the cape. The lovely designs are styled in such a way that each of them makes this look more luxurious and exquisite, which is always a great asset, isn’t it?

How about styling organza in several layers before it becomes your wedding cape. This would be the most unique bridal cape I have ever seen. I bet this very fact would speak to many of you, as every single lady loves to stand out from the crowd. This oversized cape looks very cool and delicate, at the same time. I am not sure though how comfortable it is to rock around for the whole time of your wedding, so maybe it would be wiser to take the piece off.

Lace and tulle are always a great combination and this time is not an exception. This extremely sophisticated and beautiful piece is an adorable match to your lovely gown. Although we witness quite a large amount of lace in this outfit, the cape still looks quite appropriate and elegant. If I had a chance to choose a cape for myself, It would definitely be these one.

A little bit more tulle comes with this lovely look. The strapless bustier frock is combined with a sheer and very tender piece of fabric. There is nothing extraordinary in this design, however, this piece looks very stylish and efficient. The collared turtle-neck- like top of the cape adds an elegant and sophisticated touch to the whole outfit.  You can always take the cape off and create regular look and the wedding of your dream is ready to arrive.

Have you always been a fan of hoods? If yes, then this cape was designed especially for you. The cream white piece of fabric is pleated in a slight away, but this is quite enough to make the whole look more elegant and creative.

Last but not least comes dress which is very plain in its design. There is no rich embellishment here or sparkling gemstones. Nonetheless, the outfit looks incredibly cool. The white plain A-fit gown features a very thick and high-quality material which is always another asset to any wedding.

These were the seven of the most lovely wedding capes. Which cape would you like to go for?

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