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20 Magnificent Bridal Wreaths: Summer 2015

Bridal wreath
Bridal wreath
Bridal outfit is always a hard choice to make. Ladies tend to spend days if not months trying to come up with a perfect look. There are a lot of sources one can use to simplify this process; however, it is still a torture to choose the clothing pieces and accessories that would match our childhood dreams. Whereas it is a wedding dress that is normally of the highest importance, it is also necessary to pay attention to the smaller details – otherwise your ensemble will not be complete. What I suggest you to focus on today is about bridal hair style and the accessories that will help you create a striking impression. Since it is summer that we are talking about, this post is dedicated to marvelous and enchanting wedding wreaths.

Bridal Hair Accessories: What Wreath To Wear?

One of the advantages of such a hair piece is that you don’t have to worry about the rest of your hair style. Just opt for cute waves or elegant bun and you will be amazed at how striking you precious head will look. Besides, a floral wreath will add a delicate touch to any ensemble that you rock. Be it a classic ball gown or something more creative (for instance, a shorter frock with an asymmetric hem), such a head wear item will fit in any composition in a gorgeous way. One just need to make sure that the color palette of the wreath matches the one of the dress. You can also play with colors a bit and go for contrasting hues, but keep in mind that a rainbow printed accessory is the last thing you want to end up with.

There are a plenty of various designs one can choose and thanks to numerous services you have a chance to put your boldest dreams in life. It is highly recommended to brainstorm ideas beforehand: browse through webpages and try to make a list of those ones which you like the most. Then you ought to sort out the short-listed pieces to see whether they all will match your dress and the style of your reception overall. For example, if you are planning to arrange a marine reception, a delicate wreath in blue shades would make a much more reasonable choice than say a head piece in pink roses. Also, consult with your hair stylist on what shades will suit you the best – here both your face tone and hair color matter. Moreover, it is very important that you discuss it with the make-up artist as well, since the shades that will be applied to your face also have to somehow correspond with the overall palette of the outfit.

When it comes to the material of your wreath, it is all up to you what to go for. There is just one thing to keep in mind: try to abstain from natural elements. This will help you avoid any unexpected issues – which is a significant advantage, as there surely will be some minor problems to resolve and you don’t want to overload your wedding day with anything else. Besides, if you choose a wreath made out of purely artificial elements, you will be able to wear it on a different occasion later on. This will provide you with an additional opportunity to drool over the sweet and delightful memories of your wedding day and enjoy the happy moments over and over. Moreover, such an accessory can also be inherited by your younger siblings – this would make a perfect gift.

If you still have doubts about whether to go for such a headwear piece or not, take a look at the breathtaking designs in the gallery below. This is a stunning collection of 20 bridal wreaths that all differ in color, style and embellishment. I am pretty positive that you will fall in love with every each of these items as there is no way one can resist such an overwhelming beauty. Go ahead and take advantage of the summer season with this extensive range of beautiful designs to adorn your hair.


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