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10 Breathtaking Pairs Of Bridal Shoes For Spring

Betsey Johnson bridal shoes
Betsey Johnson bridal shoes
While spring will overwhelm us with the freshest scent and most beautiful images very soon, we all live in anticipation for the warm and sunny season. If you are planning to have you big day in spring, you should have started the preparation process a long time ago. And I am sure you are fully on it, running a thousand of things and resolving a hundred of questions. In case the outfit part was something you have not fully decided on, this post will by all means assist you in the best way possible. Below you will find 10 astonishing pairs of bridal footwear that on can rock the coming spring. Scroll down and enjoy the irresistible beauty!

10 Mind-Blowing Footwear Pieces For Spring 2015 Bride

Betsey Johnson designed a pair of absolutely breath-taking shoes that would make you fall in love with them the moment you spot the masterpiece. How can one possibly not do so, when it is the most exquisite bridal pumps that we are talking about? The ankle strap fit is complemented by a an impressive bow on the side; whereas the scarpin design goes well with the steady heel. However, it is rather about the color palette here as well as the adorable print that makes one’s mouth water. Cream, powder pink, gray, light green, faded yellow and violet create a striking composition making it hard to resist the stunning pair.

Another awesome footwear choice for a spring bride would be these skyscraping sandals in crystal white by Giuseppe Zanotti. Here it is again about the ankle strap fit that we have a change to enjoy. Yet, the design differs from the previous one in a dramatic way. To start, this pair is much more moderate and features a solid color. Also, the rough texture gives it a unique and very engaging look, while the zipper along the back part and the impressive heel perfectly complete the image.

In case these pumps seem to be way too high for you, here is an excellent option that will definitely make you feel comfortable during your wedding ceremony. These luxurious and exquisite sandals by Miu Miu represent a perfect example of how cool the excessive embellishment can look when it is applied in the appropriate way. You will see the ankle straps again – complemented this time by a very low heel though. The gold crystals and rhinestones as well as the encrusted plate on the top of each shoes make this pair shine and glow. You can allow yourself to be a Cinderella – at least for one night.

If you feel like adding some flowers to your outfit, but would not like to overload you look, here is a perfect solution. These powder pink sandals are designed in such a way that it is impossible to not fall in love with them. The beautiful floral embellishment shaped as a rose also features a lovely splash of glistening crystals. These shoes by Vera Wang will complement any wedding gown and by all means bring a fresh and warm touch into the outfit.

Browse through the gallery below and take a look at some more of the striking bridal shoes!

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