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Top 30 Hottest Dresses For A Hen Party

Alluring feathered mini dress
Alluring feathered mini dress
Hen party is almost as important as the wedding ceremony itself. So there is absolutely no reason or excuse to undermine this event. Hence, you need to prepare for your bachelorette party ahead and in a decent manner. To start, one has to decide on the outfit as the it is the bride-to-be who should be star of the show. Below is a collection of the most stylish and breath-taking party dresses for Spring 2015. Start planning out your hen night night with this marvelous set of high-end designer frocks!

30 Mind-Blowing Spring 2015 Frocks: Bachelorette Party

Why not to play it all and dress up in the boldest way you ever did in your life? This violet blue feathered frock in a mini cut would be an excellent option. The sleeveless fit along with the exposed shoulders go well wit the tight neckline and fluffy embellishment. The piece is complemented with a matching bow belt which adds a sweet touch to the look.

Yon easily rock something that features less embellishment yet still a very unique design. This adorable number in navy blue is styled in such a way that it makes hard to not fall for it. The sleeveless silhouette and delicate neckline are combined with a flare and loose silhouette. The exquisite embroidery along the front part of the bodice adds a luxurious zest to the dress, while the powder pink organza trimming completes the outfit.

If you are in love with engaging patterns, then this is the dress you must rock to your hen party. Once again, it is about a sleeveless fit which seems to be very popular this spring. Apart from that, this dress features no elements that would remind you of the previous two. First of all, it is about color combination – dark indigo is combined with tan, brown, turquoise and white. The thigh-high length as well as the open back create a wonderful impression which is very difficult to resist.

In case you consider yourself as a bold lady who is up to experiments, this number will make you the happiest and hottest bride-to-be. The off-shoulder fit is paired with an extremely short cut of the dress which all together creates a very alluring image. The powder pink shade adds up a touch of elegance to the look, while the impressive belt in white brings in some contrast.

Those of you who would like to look as sophisticated as possible, here is the most elegant and exquisite dress of this collection. I guarantee that you will be the most stunning lady at your party if you rock such a magnificent piece. The delicate lavender lace is designed a delicious and enchanting way. Sleeveless fit, loose bodice and straight knee-high skirt create a lovely image.

If you want to expose a bit of your precious body to public for the very last time (since soon you will be constrained by various duties and obligations), then this would be a perfect number for you to rock. The black mesh net is styled over a light pink crop top and a matching mini skirt. Both pieces feature a somewhat sporty style which when complemented by high heels looks 100% gorgeous and sexy.

You can rehearse your wedding ceremony and sport a white dress to your hen party. Just make sure that it does not copy the style of your actual wedding gown – otherwise the sense of surprise will be lost. This beautiful frock in pearl white will make your evening memorable and gorgeous, for sure. You don’t even have to complement it with accessories or any extra embellishment – the number itself is incredibly sufficient.

Here comes a super vibrant and trendy shirt dress in a beautiful color palette. Emerald green (one of my faves by the way!) is paired with black, yellow, pink and white. This is quite an engaging combination, so just because of it it’s worth going for this item. The flare and loose silhouette adds a romantic touch to the look, while the short length leaves enough room for imagination.

Several textures and colors in one look is no longer innovative or surprising. However, people still tend to fall in love with such outfits, so no wonder that the runways keep witnessing more and more of these pieces. For instance, this adorable number features both: charcoal and black go along in a perfect way, whereas mesh and petals complete the lovely combo.

Here is my favorite dress – one of the most luxuriously embroidered dresses in this collection. The exquisite embellishment of this stunning frock is worth being mentioned. The bright purple gemstones disseminated across the precious organza create a fascinating impression. Short sleeves, sheer neckline and short cut make this dress even more elegant and cute, while the powder pink shade add up a unique zest to the whole image.

To see the whole collection, scroll down and enjoy the beauty of lines and ideas. Which dress did you like the most?

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