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Summer Bachelorette Party: Best Locations

Party at a swimming pool
Party at a swimming pool
If you are planning to have a wedding very soon and are currently in a search of a lovely idea for you hen party, or else if you one of your friends is tying a knot in the nearest future and you would like to throw a decent “farewell” event in her honor, this post will be of a great help. Below you will find 4 magnificent ways to celebrate the last day of a lady’s freedom. And since it is summer that we are talking about, all of them will be very much tied up to this adorable time of the year and a wide range of opportunities one is presented with. Scroll down to get more inspiration in order to organize a perfect hen party ever!

4 Alternative Ways To Throw A Summer Hen Party

The best thing to do when it is so hot outside is to surely dive into the cool waves of any water basin in a close proximity to you. So why not take this idea into consideration and use it as a way to celebrate your last party in status of a single lady? I am pretty sure that all the invited friends will be more than happy to spend a couple of hours (or even the whole day) out – sunbathing in the sun and enjoying the crystal surface of sparkling water. Besides, this is an excellent chance to get some tan before your big day: any gown in ecru looks just adorable against tanned skin. Moreover, just imagine how much beautiful and engaging photos you will get afterwards! This is not going to be a regular and cliche night in the club, so it is definitely worth going for. And such an event is super easy to arrange: all you need to do is to reserve a spot at a swimming pool or some cool resort that is a combination of several entertainment things and get yourself a striking swimming suit. It does not necessarily have to be white or feature any bridal elements whatsoever. Also, you won’t need to worry about hair style or make-up, as both of them will be gone in a few minutes after you dive into the pool.

Bachelorette picnic
Bachelorette picnic
In case the idea of celebrating outside looks super appealing to you, but you are just not attracted by wet hair, burning sun and noisy companies around – you might love this particular idea. How about arranging a lovely picnic to commemorate entering in the new phase of life? Any location, be it a forest or just a lawn in somebody’s backyard, will be a perfect choice, as it is not so much about where, but how you are going to spend this day. And you can trust me, the event will be lots of fun, since there is absolutely no way one will feel bored in a company of closest friends. There are plenty of activities you can do together with your guests: from active outdoor games to Taro reading or something even more mysterious. As per the dress-code, feel free to wear whatever you feel like.

Hen party in amusement park
Hen party in amusement park
The best way to give a tribute to your free and single life is to have that kind of fun that you have only experienced once as a child. And what else if not an amusement park can provide you with the very same emotions? Make an appointment with your gusts at your favorite roller coaster and then continue the route with random choices. Have enough of the ice-cream and cotton candy as well as lemonade and a million of other things that used to make us so happy. I am pretty sure that you will get a lot of energy and positive emotions and this day will definitely stay in your memory forever. You can actually combine a trip around the amusement park and the idea with a picnic and throw a magnificent hen party.

Shopping tour
Shopping tour
Those of you who were not impressed with the previous ideas that much will definitely fall in love with this particular one. Instead of running a handful of preparations to arrange the location and everything else, you, along with your dearest friends, can simply set off to the most marvelous journey one can think of. There is nothing in this universe that can bring us so much joy and satisfaction as shopping. So go ahead and provide your “guests” with financial resources and enjoy the best activity in the world ever.

How do you find these awesome ways to celebrate a bachelorette party? Forget about those cliche gatherings in bars and clubs and choose any of the above ones!

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