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Original Ideas of the Winter Bridal Shower

When the days become shorter and the temperature falls to the zero degree, all you want is laying on the couch covered with the cozy blanket by the fireplace and drinking the warm drinks. Instead of confronting the cold weather while hosting the wedding shower, rather benefit from it and throw the winter theme-inspired bridal shower to celebrate the forthcoming wedding of your friend.

Original ideas of the winter bridal shower

Winter bridal shower themes
Unlike at the spring wedding when everyone likes to go outdoors and throw the garden parties to enjoy the nice weather, winter season in the contrary makes people desire the warmth and comfort. Simply take into consideration all the aspects you love about winter and incorporate them into your winter bridal shower.
Thought the Winter Wonderland and Christmas themes are among the most widespread, you can also go for the simple kitchen or home shower. It is important to make an accent not on the typical household gifts of the bride-to-be, but rather on the gifts she will need during winter months.

Winter bridal shower décor
As for the decorative elements, the first thing that comes to one’s mind when thinking about winter are the snow and ice so simply use them in your winter bridal shower décor. Put the snowflakes and silver glitter all over the place including windowsills, tablecloths, fireplace etc.
Speaking about the fireplace, don’t forget to fire it and embellish with the pinecones for the true winter smell. If you are not good at fire building, consider using the blend of glowing candles and simple votives to fill the area with the warm glow and nice smell. You may use in your winter bridal shower décor such elements as snowmen, gingerbread men and even Santa.

Winter bridal shower menu
Replace the habitual finger sandwiches with the comfort food, which will better suit the winter bridal shower. It is impossible to go wrong with the creamy quiche or chili pot during the freezing winter day. Apple cider along with cinnamon candies is a nice option for the desert. Consider using the blue and silver hues in the bridal shower cake or waive the typical cake with the dessert bar with pumpkin tarts, peppermint fudge or apple strudel.
Winter bridal shower games
Almost every bridal shower is accompanied by the games for entertaining the games, so don’t forget to dilute the formal program with the wintery games. One of the options is throwing the gingerbread-house-decorating contest. Another option having your guests decorate the gingerbread people as a bride and groom. At the end ask the bride to choose the winner.

Winter bridal shower ideas

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