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Ideas for the Post-Wedding Brunches

wedding-brunchOnce the wedding is over, it is time for the post-wedding brunch, which already became a solid tradition among the contemporary couples. Setting the brunch for the close family members and out-of-town guests will allow everyone enjoy the joint time together and share their impressions about the past wedding day.

So, in case you want to go for the post-wedding brunch, consider scheduling it later in the morning in order to let people get enough sleep after the intensive wedding celebration.

Ideas for the post-wedding brunch

Tea party
You may serve the range of teas and I promise you relatives will love this idea. Consider having coffee for guests that are not the big fans of tea. Plates of sandwiches, crackers and cheese, trays filled with vegetables allow everyone mix and blend. Don’t forget to place the fresh flowers in bright hues in the center of the tables to keep the atmosphere festive. Of course, it would be nice serving the tea in your grandma’s antique china, but if you don’t have one, it is ok to use the everyday cups and saucers. The main purpose of this event is enjoying the time with your beloved ones rather than focusing on table appointments.
wedding-brunchBarbecue party
In case the weather allows, a barbecue at the backyard will bring your guests together in the laid back atmosphere and let them communicate in the comfortable ambience. Serve the range of choice of meat and meatless products to grill. Don’t forget to offer along the range of salads, chips, dips and drinks. Desserts like cookies and brownies are an ideal option for barbecue brunch. Throwaway tableware will make the cleanup process simpler.

Fondue party
For the fondue brunch you will need to provide the range of distinct products for dipping such as meats, breads, vegetables, fruits or event cake. Consider setting at least two types of melted cheese for 10 to 12 people. As for the meats dipping you may serve the hot oil, while cake and fruit require the chocolate fondue. In case it is a problem finding the traditional fondue pots, consider replacing them with the ordinary bowls placed on the warming trays for keeping it warm. Punch and coffee will suit best the format of the fondue party. Make sure to provide enough napkins in case of accidents. Supply at least two plates for each guest- one for the meats, vegetables and breads, and another one for dessert.
Breakfast buffet
The breakfast buffet filled with the foods will satisfy the taste of the pickiest eaters. Consider serving scramble eggs, bacon, sausage, meat substitutes etc. You may complement them with fresh fruit, biscuits, toast, bagels and muffins. As for the drink, opt for the coffee and fruit juice.

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