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How to Set Bridal Shower on Budget

Don’t know how to set the bridal shower that will amaze everybody and avoid big expenses? Believe me, using just a little of creativity you can set the bridal shower to remember without spending too much. Find out how!

Ideas of bridal shower on budget

Cocktail party
Instead of throwing the bridal shower in the restaurant, set the cocktail party over at friend’s house or in the bar. This will allow you to save a lot of money since you will avoid paying for dinner and still keep it classy way. For instance, purchase instead appetizers, delicious cheese and aromatic breads, piquant oils and tasty olives. Add a bit of creativity and you will get the original shower. Don’t forget about stylish drinks like margaritas and martinis.
Just like the previous option (cocktail party) brunch propose less food than the usual dinner party. Moreover, the typical for brunch food like eggs and bagels are not that worthy as dishes that are served during the dinner. Complement the food with drinks like Bloody Marys.
Bridal-Shower-6High tea
Afternoon high tea is the nice way to demonstrate your practicalness. Tea party is also distinguished with the minimum amount of food. For instance, you may order the range of teas and finger sandwiches as hors d’oeuvre. Beautiful teacups, teapots and saucers in the same style are able to make your serving more interesting.
tea-party-bridal-showerBash at the backyard
Usually backyard parties are associated with hotdogs and beer, but your backyard can serve as a classy platform as well. Besides, there is probably not a better option to save some money on the bridal shower. Candles placed around the area will help you to create the romantic atmosphere. In case you have a swimming pool, you may have the votive candles and flower petals float on the water.
bridal-showerMoreover, the backyard provides with a lot of options for the games like croquet and bocce ball or simple golf and tennis.

Potluck and recipe shower
I would call the potluck and recipe shower the most budget-friendly option. The idea is having your guests brining along their favorite dishes that they cook themselves, so the guests basically take all the work and expenses off you. Bride and groom, in turn, are supposed to get recipes that will help them in their family life. Moreover, guests are supposed to bring tools that helped them in dishes preparation. During the party you can ask your guests tell about the story behind each meal and why it has the special meaning to them.
bridesmaids-bridal-showersPractical details
Actually, the small things make up the major part of the bridal shower budget, so why not to save of that. For example, use the garbage can that you will be able to use in the future instead of renting the wishing well.
When it comes to invitations, use your computer skills. Purchase the nice paper at the stationery store and print invitations using the simple printer at your home. You may include a questionnaire about the bride and groom. It will not only make your invitations unique, but also help you save good money on them.


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