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How to Plan Wedding Rehearsal

Wedding Rehearsal Dinner
The wedding rehearsal is an event that preceds the wedding day, which is directed on giving an opportunity for everyone to communicate and practice for the upcoming wedding celebration. Besides it is an ideal way to acquaint the members of the wedding party. Usually the wedding rehearsal is accompanied by the dinner.

How to Set Wedding Rehearsal

Set the date of the wedding rehearsal. Often it is a night prior to the wedding day. In case you cannot squeeze it into your crowded schedule, it could be held two days beforehand.

Wedding Rehearsal

Pick the theme and décor of the wedding rehearsal. It is not obligatory to have a theme, but the fun theme will add an effortless feel to the event. As for décor, you have a variety of choices starting from the full theme to the ordinary flower arrangements and candles.

Choose the venue of the wedding rehearsal. The ideal place for the wedding rehearsal is the venue where you plan to have an actual ceremony, but you can also do it in any spacious place like the reception or banquette hall or even your backyard.

Couple at Wedding Rehearsal

Invite guests. Make sure to invite to the wedding rehearsal all the members of the wedding party and their partners, immediate family, an officiant with his spouse along with other people that were involved in the wedding planning process. Consider either sending the invitations or simply giving them phone calls.

Choose the wedding rehearsal menu. Ensure to order the food beforehand or at least make a reservation at a restaurant.

Bridet-to-be at Wedding Rehearsal

Do the full rehearsal including the entire process like the recessional, processional and ceremony so that bridal party members perfectly know where to walk and stand. Dedicate some time to discussing the concerns about someone’s role. Also ensure the officiant takes into consideration all of your demands.

Organize the after-the-rehearsal dinner. The rehearsal dinner is an ideal chance for everyone to communicate and get to know each other. Besides here could be discussed the last minute details concerning the wedding day.

Couple at Wedding Rehearsal

In case it is a rehearsal dinner in the formal style, it would be nice to allow the guests make the toasts. As for the informal party, consider opening up the floor for the attendants who wish to speak out.

Provide each guest with the thank you gifts.

Couple at Wedding Rehearsal

Don’t drag out the rehearsal dinner till late since both you and your attendants should get enough rest before the big day.

Make a rehearsal a fun and laid back experience since the wedding day will be most likely accompanied with a lot of stress.

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