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How To Arrange a Low-End Bachelorette Party

“Homemade” bridal shower
A wedding is by all means one of the happiest moments in our life. This is the day we prepare the most for and the event that brings the richest and most long-lasting memories. There is no lady in the universe who would not dream of this big day and who would not plan the reception in details ahead of time. Even if some happen to deny this fact, trust me, somewhere deep down in their memories everyone is anticipating this important date. However, the weeks and months prior to your wedding must be the most nerve-racking and exhausting, as this event requires a lot of effort and time. We have to keep in my mind a million of details and take care of so many things, that by the time we hit the date we feel no excitement whatsoever. In order to simplify your lives as well as save your budget, here are some tips to arrange a hen party that will not hurt your pocket.

A Guide To Cost-Effective Hen Party

The best way to fulfill this mission is to throw up a party at home. If you owe a large house with a spacy garden and all the facilities, then you don’t have to worry about anything. All you will need to do is to decorate your place according to the theme you have chosen. Here one can use a wide range of materials available in the stores, from colorful balloons to confetti, artificial flowers and various thematic banners and slogans. You also have to take care of music and the entertainment part, as this is supposed to be a fun night. For this, make sure that you play music outside until the period it is allowed to do so and even when you move inside, keep it to a lower level.

It is also important to provide proper snacks and beverages so that your guests can enjoy the party to the full extent. For this you need to think of your list and carefully consider all the tastes and preferences. In case there are any vegetarians in your circles, this has to be accounted. Or else, if you have friends who are for instance allergic to eggs or nuts, try to provide a couple more options upon these products. When it comes to food, there are generally two options: you can either be in charge of everything and impress everyone with your amazing cooking skills or abstain from any cooking at all and order snacks. While the second option will by all means save your time, nerves and effort, the first one will turn out to be way cheaper. So it is really up to you which way to arrange your menu. Besides, you can always use help of your friends and family members to prepare a couple of very simple yet yummy dishes.

Also it is necessary that you take account of drinks that your closest friends would love to drink. If none of them consumes beer, then it definitely makes no sense to purchase any. On the contrary, remembering that you have a couple of great wine fans will help you to plan your menu accordingly. Make sure you have all the necessary ingredients for cocktails – in case you are planning to consume any. Running lats minute errands is fine, but just imagine that you are in a need of tangerine or tequila right in the middle of your party.

To manage the entertainment part, one will have to resort to the help of friends and all interested parties once again. Sit down and brainstorm all sorts of fun games and activities that you can introduce. Here it depends on the style of your event and of course on the venue. Depending on whether you are going to have your party in a regular apartment or in a spacy villa, your show programme will vary a lot. Just keep in mind that such an event does not necessarily require some fancy bands or shows – as long as your guests are not bored and everyone (including yourself is having fun), all your effort was for good.

You will obviously want to record these last moments of your freedom, so you definitely need a photographer. However, the service of a qualified professional will cost you a fortune. You can easily appoint (and kindly ask) one of your friends to act as one and provide the person with a decent camera (which can be also borrowed from your friends). This way you will save a great amount of money as well as make sure that any sort of private pictures will remain within your circles. Plus, it would take a professional photographer several weeks to send you the finalized images, whereas with your own one you will get the photo gallery the next day.

These are the most useful tips one might need when planning a low-cost bachelorette party. Hopefully, this post will make it a little bit easier for you to prepare for your big day.


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