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Great Ideas and Themes for Engagement Party

The engagement party is supposed to celebrate the union of two loving hearts and provides the chance for the bride and groom’s family and friends to make the acquaintances. This is a very first chance for the majority of friends and family members to take a glance on the future bride or groom.

Sometimes this party is marked by the coming engagement or it might be an event where the couple or their parents declare about the good news.

Ideas and themes for engagement party

Restore the decades
Consider opting for the theme according to the period when you were born. Ask your guests to wear the clothes in style of the epoch when you or your groom was born like seventies or eighties. Include the songs of that decade to the music library or have the karaoke and have the guests sing the hits of that period. Divide the guests into the teams and have them answer the interesting questions about that age.
Family Barbecue
The main purpose of the engagement parties is the chance for the both parties to get to know each other. So the backyard barbeque is a nice way to create the laid back atmosphere for people to chat and relax in the open air. Arrange the races or any other entertainment activities, which require the joint work and solidarity.
Cocktail Party
The format of the cocktail party is a suitable occasion to celebrate your engagement and share the happy news with others. If you plan to announce about your engagement right at the party, make sure to provide everyone with the glass of champagne for a toast. Arrange the game for the guests that came in couples where they can or cannot demonstrate how much they know about each other.
Romantic party
The key thing in this party is romance. Go for the romantic foods like strawberries or pastries in the forms of hearts. Make sure to include chocolate in your menu. Have you guests perform the love songs on karaoke or invite them to play trivia where you will ask questions about popular romantic movies.

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