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Traditional Wedding Around The World: 5 Breathtaking Looks

Nigerian bride
Nigerian bride
It is always fascinating how diverse our world is. There are so many cultures that it is impossible to learn all of them. However, some traditions and customs are worth to check out, as their beauty and long-lasting history make them extremely unique and fascinating. What you will have a chance to look at today will not leave you untouched, I am sure. And you may also find it very useful – you never know how life can change. Below are the most incredible and engaging looks of the traditional brides from a set of most exciting countries ever! If you would like to learn more about bridal beauty in Nigeria, Morocco, Mexico, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen, scroll down and fall in love with the mind-blowing looks.

Bridal Beauty: From Nigeria to Mexico

I doubt that a lot of tourists visit Nigeria – which is a shame. Although, it might not sound as fascinating and exciting as Italy or Australia, it still has a lot to offer. To start, the cultural heritage is extremely fascinating. Where else would you be able to see such a striking bride? Well, she might not look like a conventional bride at all, but this is what makes the look so interesting and unusual. While we are so much used to white gowns and matching veils, this stunner rocks a totally different outfit. I am absolutely in love with the striking headpiece in brownish-burgundy which features beautiful embellishment. The unique shape of the piece as well as the ethnic motifs make this item quite irresistible. Apart from it, the beauty sports lovely rose-shaped earrings in coral and a matching necklace. Hand-embroidered dress in deep reddish orange makes the whole look even more vibrant and catchy.

If you think that the Nigerian bride had a little bit too much of it, you will completely change your mind once you spot the stunning lady from Yemen. Her bridal outfit must be the richest and most complex one. Although we do not really see either the dress or the footwear, it becomes quite clear that being a Yemeni woman is not so easy. Just imagine how difficult it might be to carry such a massive set of accessories all day long! The impressive piece completely covers the lady’s head and neckline which also makes it quite hard to breathe. However, a woman is ready for any sacrifice when it comes to a wedding. The outstanding head piece is made out of pearls, all kinds of beads, metal, crystals and many other tiny things. I bet that it is also handmade, so one can imagine how much time and effort the preparation process takes.

Afghan women are a little more lucky in terms of headpieces and accessories. Although this country has been featured in numerous headings as one of the most unstable states in the world, there is still room to practice local traditions and give a tribute to the ever-lasting history of customs. This beautiful lady wears a magnificent head scarf in emerald green embellished with beads and metal plates. A choker necklace with a massive design as well as a richly embroidered multicolored dress made out of fine fabric make up the wedding outfit.

Pakistani bride looks the most delicate and exquisite of all the presented ones. In case you would like to try out any of these looks, but not ready for a dramatic switch to a Nigerian culture, this is something you can easily opt for. Beautiful pink dress decorated with crystals and gemstones is complemented with a matching headscarf, astonishing earrings and a necklace. A lovely bracelet in candy pink makes the bride’s hand look even more elegant, while the henna tattoo adds an obvious cultural hue.

Here comes a Mexican bride with the most fantastic headwear piece ever! One has to move really carefully with such a construction on a head; otherwise, there might be a risk to hurt someone or tap things over. Yet, the item is so marvelous, that it is worth to sport it despite all the possible threats. A number of huge feathers in blue, turquoise and orange are paired with white petals and green leaves. I am totally in love with the incredible combination of textures and colors featuring here. The dress is also very engaging and is styled in the same set of shades.

These were some most outstanding and fascinating looks from all over the world. Which one did you like the most?

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