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Stunning Winter Wedding of Jennifer and Anthony

Planning to set the elegant winter wedding, you should look no further since we are presenting you the ideal source of inspiration. Jennifer and Anthony’s engagement in Paris was followed by the stunning wedding celebration in the mountains. The first thing that really stands out is the bride’s black dress that is both beautiful and elegant and suits the mountain wedding the best way. The photos were taken by Orange Girl Photographs.
The wedding celebration took place at The Post Hotel in Lace Louise, Canada. The Post Hotel is known for its striking mountain location, flawless service and the remarkable collection of wines. In winter The Post Hotel is especially beautiful owing to the outstanding views, outdoor ice rink and of course the Christmas-themed decorations.Jennifer-anthony-winter-wedding-real
Before the wedding day came, Jennifer and Anthony spent a wonderful weekend at this mountain hotel. Ice rink was chosen to be the first look location, where Jennifer presented Anthony his wedding ring by Tiffany. Once the outdoors photoshoot was over, the bride went upstairs to her room to warm herself in the hot bath, while Anthony joined the wedding guests for the wine tasting moment.Jennifer-anthony-winter-wedding-real
Jennifer and Anthony really made it a truly memorable day for their guests by inviting them to the wine tasting ceremony once they checked into the hotel and before the wedding ceremony started. The guests had the chance to sample the wine from the special collection that was picked beforehand by Jennifer and Anthony.Jennifer-anthony-winter-wedding-real
Jennifer’s nephews accompanied her down the aisle holding the Porsche cars in their hands. Once the ceremony ended, the guests and the newlyweds were treated with the champagne before proceeding to the intimate dinner. Jennifer-anthony-winter-wedding-real
The wedding cake was made by the chef of The Post Hotel, who managed to ideally recreate the Eiffel Tower from the chocolate after the numerous weeks of sketching. The Eiffel Tower shape was chosen for the reason- Anthony proposed to Jennifer on the Alexander Bridge, from which the striking view to the sparkling Eiffel Tower opens.Jennifer-anthony-winter-wedding-real
Besides the wedding celebration, that day was also the day of groom’s 40th birthday. So, Jennifer decided to surprise the groom with the birthday party with a DJ at the hotel’s pub that followed the dinner. Jennifer and Anthony managed to create a one of a kind experience not only for themselves, but also for their guests with all the interesting elements like the wonderful mountain location, collection wine and of course birthday party celebration.

Winter wedding of Jennifer and Anthony

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