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Most Engaging Marriage Proposals

Marriage proposal
Marriage proposal
A proposal is something that any lady anticipates and every man is afraid of. No matter how much people try to deny this fact, it is still in place today. No wonder, getting proposed or proposing is one of the most exciting and memorable events in one’s life. These memories stay in our minds forever to be then transferred to our descendants and become sweet legends. That is why it is always important to arrange the process of the proposal in a very efficient manner. Of course, it is in your duty to deal with the arrangement process, since for you the event is supposed to be a surprise. Yet, you can still give some hints to your beloved one beforehand – so that he has an idea of what exactly can astonish you. Look through the five proposal ideas below and carefully include the tips in your guiding plan.

5 Loveliest Proposal Ideas To Blow Your Mind

There is no need to explain one why we, the ladies, love surprises so much. The very moment when you receive something that you did not expect is definitely worth it. Not a single lady in this world can resist the power of a surprise, no matter how infuriated she is. Moreover, if the proposal setting includes other (sometimes even random) people, the effect increases significantly. As you can spot on the image above, a cheerful crowd holds the huge banner with quite an obvious slogan. I bet that the back rows also did some cheering while the venture was taking place. Besides, it is very cool to have your ring finger finally banded with hundreds of strangers applauding around you.

Those people who consider a proposal to be something very delicate and private can opt for a bunch of other ways. For instance, if a couple happens to be into diving, this is a great chance to start the new chapter in life with the shared hobby. I bet, a proposal underwater will not leave anyone untouched. There are some preparations to be made ahead, of course; but other than that there are no concerns at all. I can imagine the reaction of the lady who will discover that this diving trip is just a disguise for a marriage proposal!

Regardless of how fascinating and appealing the underwater proposal might sound, not everyone unfortunately has the necessary skills to dive into the ocean. Hence, it makes sense to check out other water-related ideas. For instance, this huge well-known and sort of cliche question carved out on the sandy beach looks very appropriate. Besides, the beautiful designs that accompany the wording add up to the positive impression. Although it might seem to be not so original or unique, let’s keep in mind that such a proposal requires much effort from the side of a man – which is always a great bonus.

For huge fans of Scrabble and other board games there is a great solution to all the problems and questions rising in relation with the proposal arrangement. Why not to arrange the square tiles in a way that your letters form the sacred question? There are two ways to do so though. Either the gentleman uses all his abilities and skills and tries to turn the process of the game in the right direction or he simply lays the wording out.

Today most of the people go for the video games rather then the board ones – which is a shame, but there is nothing we can do about the people’s preferences. Video gamers, here is a proposal idea for you as well. Instead of torturing yourself trying to come up with the most unique and outstanding ways to propose, why not to follow your instincts? There is no need to carve huge letters on the crispy sand or employ large crowds on the street to hold the banners. It is much easier than it seems to be – all he needs to do is just to pack two rings in a gift box and propose his beloved one to become Player number 2.

These were some cool ideas of how a marriage proposal can be arranged. Which one did you like the most?

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