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Best Outdoor Receptions: Real Weddings

Wedding in woods
Wedding in woods
When it comes to the warm season, the last thing one would want to do is to get stuck in a restaurant or any other premise – regardless of the occasion. Even on a simple walk we do our best to spend as much time as possible outside and thus take longer routes or try to finish meal faster. This is a very typical behavior during spring and summer, which is why it is always important to take into account the weather factor. If you were in the process of choosing your wedding venue, this post must be exactly what you need, as it will provide you with some mind-blowing ideas. Scroll down to take a look at the most gorgeous wedding receptions held in a complete harmony with nature! And the best thing about the below list is that all the weddings are real.

8 Outstanding Real Weddings: Woods, Waterfall & More

Have you ever thought of having your reception out in the woods? It just might sound as something odd, but in reality an event like this one turns out to be a great success. Just imagine how fun it would be to wander along the long paths surrounded by massive green trees. I bet your guests won’t find it boring or cliché at all. Besides, in this case you can be sure that a very few people will get distracted by their phones, so this is obviously another advantage of such a wedding. As for the dress-code, there are plenty of options to go for. Arranging your reception in a forest does not necessarily imply hiking or camping. Your guests can still dress up as they wish, as long as everyone feels comfortable. If there are any other scenes besides the forestry, then your wedding album is going to benefit from it. Any steppe cliffs and rocky hills as well as adorable waterfalls and huge lakes will work in a perfect way.

You can easily arrange a wedding ceremony in a farm. This will add a very specific zest to your big day and will by all means keep in memories for quite a long time. All you need to do is to make sure that all the necessary props are in place and decorated accordingly. For instance, there can’t be any farm without a barn, hence you ought to ensure there is one against which you will have your extensive photo set shot. You can easily put up a few signs related to the theme as well as bring in some special attributes. There are absolutely no limitations in terms of outfits, so both you and your guests can feel free to rock traditional wedding clothes.

Wedding reception in prairie
Wedding reception in prairie
If you feel like going out to a prairie, then stick to this idea  – you are likely to end up with one of the most unique and unexpected wedding receptions. You just need to finalize a couple of things and polish the details before you hit you big day. This must be the easiest way to celebrate your wedding, since the most important thing to do is to choose the spot. Now, when you have a vast area of prairie in front of you, this must not be a very hard task to fulfill. Next, you ought to construct some decorations, in order to make look a bit similar to a regular reception. To do that, you will need a door imitating entrance to the venue, several rows of benches for the guests and an altar. I bet everyone will find the very idea of such an event fascinating and appealing.

Ice caves represent a mesmerizing sight for any individual, regardless of age, taste or any other factors. And holding a wedding reception in such a place will definitely make you the most creative and open-minded couple in your circles. Just the mere way toward this natural miracle is capable of taking one’s breath away. Your wedding photographer will surely have loads of work as your guests are likely to pose in different spots even on a more frequent basis than you would do it. As per the logistical side of such an event, there should be no room for concerns. You do not have to provide your guests with a three-course meal and a dozen of drink choices. This can be offered later on, in a location that would suit such a dinner in a better way. What you can still provide is some very light snacks and a couple of champagne sprinkles – just to drive the wedding mood.

What do you think of these unconventional locations for a wedding reception? Would you like to go for any of them?


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