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Beautiful Garden Wedding

Tinges of plum is the ideal option for this Napa wedding, which took place against the romantic location of Beaulieu Garden and was filled with the refined wine. But plum wasn’t the only shade that prevailed on this stunning wedding: purple elements appeared during the cocktail hour, while the classy shades of pink appeared at the dinner. As for the photographer, Sylvie Gil was chosen to capture every neat detail of this Napa wedding created by Annena & Co.
The story of love of this beautiful couple took place in San Francisco, where the bride was completing her studying in the pediatric anesthesiology. The love to Northern California with its delicious cuisine, tasty wine and wonderful scenery, draw them together even more. The wedding planner Annena Sorenson from Annena & Co. was supposed to find the stunning outdoor location for their destination wedding as well as design the garden-themed wedding filled with laughs, delicious food and delicate wine.
One detail that really amazed me was the fact that the groom prepared the romantic gestures and surprises for the bride and the parents during the wedding-planning process. One of them were the wine magnums intended for the parents as well as the keepsake bottle for the couple placed on the welcome table. Groom himself created the wine labels for the ordered bottles. Afterwards the guests had to sign the bottles with the silver ink. At the entrance was installed the trio of birdcage mansions to add the garden feel along with the family photo galleries that hang down from the mahogany.
The two shades of purple served as the key colors at the wedding reception. Purple in plum and grape was accented by the gorgeous white flowers and perfectly complemented the bridesmaids’ dresses. The bride’s beloved colors including pinks, light green and soft peach emphasized the dinner and dancing areas.wedding-garden-napa

As for the centerpieces, they were compiled from the vases where each featured the bouquets of bride’s favorite blooms including peonies, tulips and dahlias. The bouquets were placed on the silver trays and were corralled by the small vases with the vintage feel.wedding-garden-napa

The bride and the groom opted for the exquisite dishes like the Melon and creamy Buratta, Heirloom Tomato, which was followed by Baby Vegetables, Boursin stuffed Petite Filet, Truffed Potato Gratin, Frizzled Leek Nest and Sauce Bordelaise. Once the main dishes were served, the guests were offered the cheese stations with the distinct types of cheese to try with the couple’s favorite wines.garden-wedding-napa

Beautiful garden wedding


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