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Top Bridesmaids Trends 2012

Find out what are the latest bridesmaids trends in the world of wedding industry starting from the bridesmaid dresses of shorter length to asking your male friend to carry the role of maid of honor. We came up with latest bridesmaids trends.

Bridesmaids trends for 2012

Interesting way of asking to be the bridesmaid
Today brides tend to invent more and more interesting and original ways of creating the ways of asking their friends to carry this honorary role. So, why don’t you do it the creative way as well? One of the ways is writing a poem that would describe your deepest recognition and appreciation of this person that would end with the request of becoming your bridesmaid.
Bridesmaid-requestIt shouldn’t be necessarily a printed version, beautifully-decorated e-mail is also appropriate. If you want to really amaze with your request, you may send your friends pieces of puzzle that they would have to put together in order to see your request.

More and more brides don’t mind to ask the man to be the bridesman on their wedding. Moreover, some brides even ask their male friends be their maid of honor in order to avoid the making the hard choice between their best female friends.
BridesmanShort bridesmaids’ dresses
Despite the old tradition, bridesmaids dresses designers call us to show a little more leg. The bridesmaids’ dresses with tea-length are not only fun, but also very feminine. In this case fabrics makes it appear as the formalwear, not the length. Besides, your bridesmaids will be able to wear it again.
Length-of-bridesmaid-dressesBright colors
Today there is no need to dress your bridesmaids in dresses of the subdued discreet hues. Keep up with the latest trend by opting for the bold colors like pink, blue, toxic green etc. If you are still afraid that your bridesmaids can overshadow you by wearing the bold dresses during your big day, you can simply have them complement their looks with bright accessories or accents.
Bridesmaid-dressesDouble party
Lately we can see the tendency of bridesmaids planning the bachelorette party on the same date as the bachelor party. There are even cases when parties end up to the combined ones: the wedding parties for the bride and groom start separately and then unite at the same place like a night club.
bachelorette_party_gamesKids only party
Consider setting the all-kid party instead of the traditional one. You may spend the fun day in the company of ring bearers, flower girls, usherettes and junior bridesmaids. What can be better than spending the day of kidding around with the spontaneous kids?


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