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Shopping Tips for Mother of Bride

Moms, stops all that fuss over the bridal gown, you have plenty of things to do for yourself- for instance, do the dress shopping. We came up with the tips for mothers on finding and buying the ideal mother of the bride dress.

It doesn’t matter whether you are the bride’s or groom’s mother, you will still occupy one of the center roles in the wedding and thus will draw a lot of attention. All the eyes will be directed on your once you enter the ceremony and when being announced during the reception. Just think about it, this is probably one of the most important days after your own wedding. So, we are presenting the tips on shopping for the mother of bride perfect wedding.

Consult with the bride in order to figure what is her ideal vision of this big day. Imagine that the wedding is a big play, where you are having one of the leading roles. Ask the bride what she wants you to be dressed like.
Shop as soon as possible
Start searching for the perfect dress as soon as possible. But do it after the bride is certain about her own gown and the bridesmaids’ dresses- here comes your turn.
Pay attention to matching
Keep up with the overall level of formality by taking a look at the bride’s and bridesmaids’ dresses.
Think about the color palette you would like to wear, but remember to avoid the shades of white, cream or ivory as it is considered to be the bad form. Also try to opt for the color that won’t conflict with the wedding theme colors.
Find the compromise with the bride
Ask the bride to provide you with the photos of what silhouette and style she would like you to wear. In case you dislike the offered style, let her know that and try to come up with the compromise. Overall, it is bride’s big day and she is the one who should be the happy.
Consult with the mother of the groom
Sure, you don’t have to look like twins, but it would be still nice to echo each other in terms of the skirt and sleeves length. So, you two have to discuss your outfits before the wedding day.

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