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How to Choose Wedding Makeup Palette

Though the wedding makeup is probably the last thing that comes to bride’s minds when thinking about the wedding look and is placed behind such things as dress, hair, accessories and flowers, the bridal makeup is probably the key thing in the perfect wedding look.

It is your big day with you and your fiancée in the leading role thus you want your guests to appreciate your natural beauty with the effortless feel. Moreover, you should keep in mind the wedding photos that will last long after the wedding day- you have to look the best possible way on them as well.

In fact, majority of brides don’t really know what tone color and products in general will suit their skin type best. Regardless the fact whether you are planning to do your wedding makeup yourself or refer to the professional makeup artist, there are still some makeup nuances you should familiarize with for your big day.

How to choose the right wedding makeup colors

Skin tone
Those women with the light skin tone should choose the makeup of the lighter shades like peachy, pastel and nude. If you want to get a more dramatic look, you may opt for the shades of brown that have a lot of undertones that will perfectly work with the fair skin. Women with the olive skin can go for whatever shade they want to since both the light pink and the dark red will work ideal for your skin type. As for those women with the darker skin tone, your natural beauty will pop with the bright berry shades such as the bright red lipstick. You may reach the glowing effect on your skin using the foundations and powders with gold undertones.
Consider the style of your wedding gown when going either for the edgy or soft makeup. If you are looking for creating the look with the contemporary and sexy feel, you may experiment with eye shadow palette and lipstick color. Wear the cherry lipstick on your lips and draw attention to the eyes using the eyeliner along with the deep blue eye shadow. In case your dress is of a romantic type, go for the pastel shades of peach, brown and nude and accentuate the lips with pink lip gloss. Complement your wedding makeup with the touches of golden bronzer or shimmery powder.
Wedding location
Take into consideration the wedding locale when deciding on your wedding makeup palette. Beach reception requires totally different color shades than the ballroom wedding in the formal style. The more casual nuptials requires the simpler makeup in the natural shades. Nude and pink will allow creating the laid-back complexion, while smoky eyes will suit the formal weddings.
Personal style
You personal style has to influence your wedding makeup more than anything else. It would be nice finding the perfect balance- try to look a bit dressier than you used to, but at the same time remain yourself. The safest way is staying away from the significant changes with your appearance. Don’t be afraid of looking silly by trying to play up with your everyday makeup technique. It is essential to look the best you can, but at the same time feel comfortable.
Another way is integrating the time of the year when your wedding takes place into your makeup palette. Spring or summer season requires shades of tangerine, soft pink with the small touches of shimmery gold. The deep tones of red, bronze or deep purple will work best for fall and winter weddings. Try to keep your makeup light and fresh.

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