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Where to Start Wedding Planning I

By the moment you start realizing the fact that you just got engaged and finally take your eyes off the stunning engagement ring on your finger, you will plunge in the range of tasks and decisions to make. We came up with the list of the most important things you will have to do at the beginning of the wedding planning process.

Things to do after getting engaged

Come up with a timetable
First of all, you need to come up with the wedding date, which will be based on the numerous factors like the availability of the venue or reception area that you dreamed of, the major holidays or family celebrations or the intention to save on wedding venue decorating by having it the day after the big religious holiday. So, decide on the range of dates that will suit you in order to be flexible. Also think about the season of the year you prefer. Take your time, usually the engagement lasts from half a year to the year and a half.
Wedding-planning.jpgChoose a location and come up with the style
Get inspired on the first place before starting looking on the wedding gowns, hiring the wedding band or sampling the cake. Imagine your ideal wedding day before making major wedding planning decisions. Think whether you see yourself dancing in the fancy ballroom surrounded by the numerous guests dressed in the evening gowns in the subdued candle light, or you dream of the modest ceremony at the beach when two of you wear stand barefoot on the sand while saying your vows.
Wedding-planning.jpgThe basic criteria you should consider: amount of guests, outdoor or indoor, hometown or away, style- classic, vintage, rustic, glamorous, modern or romantic.

Be open to the various sources of inspiration: check the wedding sites, buy thematic magazines, books and even surf the real wedding photos online. Moreover, you may find the inspiration for your wedding in unexpected things like the scene from the old movie or family jewels.
Wedding-planning.jpgForm a budget
Gather both of your families together and find out the sum everyone is ready to contribute to your wedding. Even though this discussion might become uncomfortable at some moments, this is still a necessary element that will influence your wedding-related decisions and purchases. So, don’t hesitate to discuss the financial issues with your families before setting the budget.
Wedding-planning.jpgPlan the guest list
Coming up with the guest list is not an easy task since you should consider the raw of different factors. In case you already decided on the ceremony or reception location, than you will have to decide on the number of guests on its accommodating capacity. It is up to you deciding whether you want to have a small party with close friends and family members or throw the huge party. Remember, the more guests you plan to have, the more you will spend.
Don’t be afraid to appear mercantile by having the register. Usually, guests like attending all those engagement parties and bridal showers. Also keep in mind that even though gifts are not obligatory for engagement parties, some guests will still want to present you the memorable gifts, so simplify their task by prior registering items your really need. Make sure to avoid putting the registry information the formal way like in your invites to engagement party. Simply use the word of mouth Part II.


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