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Wedding Table Arrangement Ideas

Table arrangements is an important part of wedding logistics as you want your guests to feel comfortable and allow them to see and communicate with other guests.

Table Arrangement Ideas

Table rectangleThe open rectangle is a great way to seat your guests and allow them to face each other and talk. The only thing that makes it awkward is the interior line that makes guests sit back to back. It is well enough when the tables are long and there are many people who do not know each other and can sit according to a plan with their back on people unknown to them. On the other hand, a more intimate wedding calls for a table arrangement where all guests can face each other. We like a serpantine shape.wedding tables

 You can also go for round tables if you want your guests to easily see most of the others and the venue alike. A round table makes for a more fluid seating but unfortunately its limited by the size so you’ll need at least several to seat all the guests.

If one long table is problematic or inaccessible to you, you can arrange smaller tables in a manner that will be convenient for both your guests and staff. The key is to keep enough space for dancing and make it easier for guests to see everything from a couple’s table to a screen.

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