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Wedding Planning Mistakes



For majority of brides the wedding planning process is probably the more exciting process then the wedding itself. The majority of brides tend to start the wedding planning process once the engagement ring is on their finger, but rushing could play a bad game with you. We have prepared the list of the most widespread wedding planning mistakes and the ways of avoiding them.

Wedding planning mistakes

Wasting the major part of budget on your wedding dress
For instance you apportioned the sum of $2000 for your wedding look, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend it all on purchasing the gown. Consider paying tax and charging for shipping in case you are not purchasing it right off the rack. Sometimes the alteration will take place. Besides, you are not going to wear nothing but the dress on your wedding day, right? Items like shoes, underwear, headpieces and jewelry are required for the complete bridal look.
Don’t stick up with certain type of flowers
Once you book the florist in advance, keep in mind that he cannot predict with 100 percent accuracy what types of flowers will be available for your wedding day. So, leave the backups to the key flowers and indicate it in your contract. Take into consideration the colors and shapes rather the certain types of flowers.
Don’t send save-the-dates too early
Of course, you cannot wait to share the happy news with entire world, but don’t rush with sending the save-the-date cards until you decide on the guest list. The best friends you cannot your life without can quickly become your bitter enemies by the time you get hitched. So, keep the save-the-dates for those guests exceptionally whom you will surely invite like the family members.
Not hiring the videographer
Photos cannot fully transmit all the emotions, so don’t neglect hiring the videographer. Videos let you hear your quaver voice during saying the vows and observe your guests tearing up the dance floor during your wedding dance. Besides, you will be able to see interesting moments you missed during the actual day.
Bothering the vendors
Once you make the choice of the vendors, let them do their jobs with your constant micromanaging. We understand the temptation of controlling their every single step and detail is tempting and you will be probably more likely like the result, but the time you will spend on this doesn’t worth it. Besides, you don’t have as much experience as these pros. Try to discuss every aspect during your planned meeting and afterwards let’s them create.
Early choosing of attendants
You are supposed to choose your closest friends to be your bridesmaids. That could be also your sisters, cousins, aunts or even mother. The main criteria you should follow in choosing the bridesmaids is your trust that they will be supporting you in moments you need them the most. Don’t pick someone because this way you will please your relatives or relatives of your groom. Remember, that is your day.
Telling everyone about your wedding
It’s hard to hide your joy from everyone, but try. The more you speak out, the more comments you will get about your choice etc. The better option is surprising everyone with the stunning news. Think about it, you don’t want you guests to know in advance that you will be changing your dress for dancing since they won’t be as impressed.
Getting your hair and makeup done too late
Not a single bride want to appear in front of the guests with a faded makeup or falling out hair, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to put off the hair and makeup process to the very last moment. Set the time in between your attendants’. It is not a big problem for bridesmaids to get the simple hairstyle, but that won’t definitely work for you.
Hurrying during the photo session
Keep in mind that less than an hour won’t be enough for a portrait session. The hour-and-a-half is a better option since you will be able to relax. You would better now to try squeezing the photoshoot in the first half-an-hour of the cocktail part of your wedding because you won’t get a chance to relax. In case you don’t want to meet your groom before the actual ceremony, you may opt for taking the separate pictures and afterwards finish photographing the joint shots.
Enabling your friend instead of a Pro
Even if your friend has a distinct experience in mixing CDs at high school club, that doesn’t guarantee you he’ll make a great wedding DJ. Even if you cannot boast the big budget, you would better hire the professional vendor with distinct experience and safe on things like flower arrangements. Music and food are the key things that will make the most of nice memories about your big day.

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  1. Diana

    Very useful tips. I was looking for this kind of information. My biggest mistake is telling everybody about my marriage, just cannot restrain my emotions:)

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