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Wedding Planning Checklist a Year Before the Wedding Day

Bride plays the key role in the wedding planning process that’s why it is very important to stay organized and concentrated all the way through the wedding planning process. We bring you just the few things you definitely should take care of during the planning process sixteen to nine months prior your big day. It wouldn’t be an extra copying them on the paper and get started.

Wedding budget
This is the key thing you should start your wedding preparation with. Gather the family members in case your parents plan to make a financial contribution to the wedding budget and figure what sum you can count on from their sides. As you know your total budget, it is time to decide on the important aspects of your wedding.
Wedding party
Though it is not the most pleasant moment about your wedding, it is still unavoidable, so don’t protract with that and pick the wedding party as soon as possible. Once you are done with that, it is time for you to begin the solid preparation. Besides, the members of the bridal party will get enough time to prepare.
Guest list
It is time to decide on the size of your wedding celebration. It is up to you deciding what type of wedding you want to have, usually this decision is based on the budget. Keep in mind that in case the bride’s parents promised to contribute the big sum of money, you may end up having their old friends as the major part of the guests.
Book the date and venue
Now it is time to decide on the season of the year when you plan to celebrate your wedding. Some things should be taken into consideration: if you inhabit in the touristic place, it would be much cheaper setting the wedding at the off season. If you still want to celebrate your big day during the peak season, you should start choosing the venues as soon as possible.
Do the research
Get yourself a wedding binder for storing the wedding-related stuff to keep things organized including the contacts and brochures of wedding vendors. Keep in mind that the more time and efforts you spend on the research, the bigger chance is to find the best vendors at suitable price. Once you collect all of them, go through your binder and make the final decisions.

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