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Wedding Decor: Creative Chair Alternatives

Chairs for the ceremony or reception are a big part of not only wedding decor but guest accommodation. There are many ways to enhance your wedding decor through chairs but there is also a way to cut back on wedding ceremony chairs. If you are having a ceremony and a reception in two different places having some cheap chair alternatives at the ceremony can prove quite budget-wise.

Creative Chair Alternatives For Wedding Ceremony

Wedding ceremony bench arrangementWedding Benches

Benches can be found in churches but you can also place them at your venue to bring guests closer together. Benches are romantic and sweet and they usually require less decorations.

Wedding Stools

Stools are easy to obtain and can be all different in terms of design or origin. All you really need is a white cloth (or cloth in your wedding color scheme) that will make them look uniform. This is the best way to cut back on ceremony arrangement and decoration.

If you have an open bar and wonder where to find cheap bar stools barrels can become a great alternative for that and also add a rustic touch to the wedding decor.


If you want something more original and unique, make your guests feel super welcome and comfy by offering them a couch or several. These can be really different and you don’t even have to cover them especially if they are nice and pretty. This is a great option for small intimate ceremonies.

The benches and stools can be made out of any materials including hay, which can look very organic for a rustic wedding. Chair alternatives can not only save you money but also let you have ceremony wherever you want. They will also make your wedding decor more interesting and unusual.

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