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Wedding Colors and Their Meanings

ideas-wedding-white-color-themeEvery brides and grooms to be have to know that there is a meaning behind each color. Color theme is an important part of wedding celebration. Want to know the meaning of each color, the current color trends and the dynamics it would bring into your big day? Then read on.

Color can significantly influence the overall mood and emotions along with affecting certain physiological reactions. Often brides tend to pick their favorite color as the wedding color, but you should also take into consideration your culture, traditions and groom’s opinion.

Just sit for a minute and think about you two as a couple, the kind of wedding celebration you dream about and the type of guests that will attend the wedding. And keep in mind that colors are not only the key thing in the table designs, décor and lighting, it is also essential to keep to them in flower and menu choices.

Wedding colors and their meanings

White: in western cultures this color signifies neatness, clarity and innocence, while in the eastern cultures is means mourning. It is perfect for decorating the small and dark areas.
ideas-wedding-white-color-themeRed: it is a color of love and passion. Besides being associated with the strongest emotions, it is also attention-catching. It is appropriate for the dynamic events where guests are supposed to dance and have fun throughout the entire venue.ideas-wedding-color-theme-red  Blue: being associated with the trust and faithfulness, it is a popular color among the newlyweds. Blue color generates productivity and decreases the pulse rate.blue-wedding-color-theme
Orange: it will add energy and enthusiasm to your celebration and will guarantee the playful atmosphere for the guests. wedding-colors-orange

Black: this color symbolizes power, refinement and elegance. But in some cultures it is associated with death and mourning. It could be utilized in the high end wedding celebrations.
ideas-wedding-color-theme-blackYellow: considered to be cheerful and warn, you should still be careful with this color since it could lead to frustration and irritation.
Moreover, it fatigues the eyes. So, it is important to use it a complementary color, but not as a main background.
ideas-wedding-color-theme-yellowPurple: this is a noble hue that symbolizes wealth, prosperity and power. It is chic and extravagant. It could be used in the special effects creating like in highlighting with the light of special areas.   ideas-wedding-color-theme-purpleGreen: it is calming, natural and rich. It allows stress relieving and creates the tranquil atmosphere. So, if you are looking for the relaxation and harmony, opt for the green.


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