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Top 7 Wedding Don’ts

Every bride-to-be dreams of the stunning wedding day, so it is important to plan thoroughly in order to avoid the possible mistakes along the way. We bring you the most common wedding don’ts in order to guarantee the striking wedding celebration.

Top wedding don’ts

Don’t do everything by yourself
Even though you belong to those super smart, active and initiative brides, don’t forget that you are still a woman. So-called superbrides, women that want to take all the responsibilities upon themselves and refuse any help, tend to run out of steam and have a lot of issues unsolved in the end. The key is asking for help. In fact people really want to help you, so don’t refuse their offers. Take your time and enjoy the wedding planning process- you will be surprised to find out that it could be just as fun as the celebration itself.
Exclude cash bars
It is impolite having your guests taking out cash from their pockets every time they want to take a shot of their favorite drinks. You are the one who invites people to your celebration, so it is logical to provide them with the drinks. After all, it is not necessary to have the upscale bar, simply serve beer, wine or the signature cocktail.
Avoid putting registry on wedding invites
Temptation of including the registry on the wedding invitations is really big, however it is not the right place for it. Sure, registry is a great help for the guests since they don’t have to beat their brains out figuring what gift to purchase for the newlyweds. The best way to send the message to the wedding attendants is by the word of mouth: either ask your family members and bridesmaids to send the hint or place it on the bridal-shower invitations.
Don’t be bossy with bridesmaids
Bridesmaids play the very important role in your wedding celebration. They gather around you wearing outfits you chose for them, helping you with the bridal look and solving the ongoing issues. But in some cases brides tend to demand more: they make their bridesmaids purchase the costly outfits, charge them with endless tasks, have them attend and purchase gifts for the numerous all-for-you parties etc. So try to be sensitive to the needs of your bridesmaids. Moreover, it wouldn’t be an extra buying gifts for your maids.
Don’t make the big gap between the ceremony and reception
Sometimes couples forget to coordinate the time gap between the moment the ceremony ends and the reception starts. I agree that it is hard to plan everything accurate to the minutes, especially if the ceremony takes place in the remote are, but try to do your best. If it is still hard to connect them, at least provide the transportation and comfy area where your guests can wait.
Avoid complicated destination weddings
There is no doubt that nobody will refuse having the stunning destination wedding. Just think about this: the two of you exchange your vows on the top of the peak in Austrian Alps. But it is still very hard to bring into life since the major part of your guests probably won’t be able to make it and your wedding is not just about you, it is also about your guests. So, try to choose the location that would suit the major part of your guests.
Don’t be obsessed with DIY elements
If you don’t consider yourself to be one of those hands-on brides, then it would be an extra trying to get your hands on everything starting from the wedding cake baking to the flower arrangements making. Consider doing those things you really enjoy doing and simply buy or rent the rest.

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