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Tips on Planning Wedding in 6 Months

wedding-vendors-receptionThe period after getting engaged is probably the most romantic and pleasant in both the bride’s and groom’s lives. The moments of floating in the clouds dreaming about your life together as a couple are really magic.

But, unfortunately, wedding couldn’t be planned by themselves and at some point you will have to get back to the ground and busy yourself with the wedding planning process. Wondering if it is possible to organize the wedding in six months? It is with our useful guide.

How to plan a wedding in six months

Month 1
First think about the venue location. Don’t forget to take into consideration the number of guests. You have probably already dreamed about the ideal place for your wedding, so take it as a base. Begin with the online research, and then make the phone calls to figure for what date the location is available and finally book it. In case your dream location is already booked, consider putting yourself on a waiting list or changing your decision for benefit of another venue.
Also it is important to figure who pays for the event. Usually money related issues are very delicate, so it would be best to discuss it before you start with wedding planning.

Month 2
Now as you are certain about the guest list, start researching and booking the wedding florists, caterers, photographers, musicians, hairstylists and makeup artists and of course the wedding gown and suit.
Generally the wedding planners advice confirm everything with vendors by the end of the second month so that you have enough time for changing the details if needed. Keep in mind that the last moment changes could become a real problem in case you work with inflexible professionals.

Month 3
At the beginning of the third month it would be better to have the final version of your guest list and the invitations distributed. During this month you will probably have to handle it with the numerous calls and emails from your wedding vendors, family members, bridal party, friends and everybody who is enabled in your wedding planning. During this month you should begin coming up with the gift registry and choosing the outfits for the bridesmaids and best man.
Usually in this period you will find out a lot of things you didn’t take into account in the initial wedding planning like finding the lodging for the visiting guests or solving the issues your vendors can have.

Month 4
This month is about the right moment to manage and book the place for the rehearsal dinner. Besides, it wouldn’t be an extra to have a list of backup vendors in case of unforeseen circumstances of your main ones, especially the photographer.
Month 5
During the month five you should already feel comfy with your vendors and be totally ready for enjoying your wedding day. It is your last chance to taste the food, try on your wedding dress, choose the songs for the playlist before you get to enjoy all of that at the actual wedding celebration. Usually during this month you get the practice hairstyle and makeup and coddle yourself with the raw of spa procedures. And don’t forget about the bridal shower, which will be organized by your friends for you.
Month 6
Remember, the wedding planning process often gets tough and stressful, but the final result is worth it. Thus instead of getting upset over every single failure, you would better laugh at the problems and smile when everything goes smooth. So, by the end of the sixth month you will be totally prepared for meeting the very first day of your married life.

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