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Tips on Choosing Wedding Musicians

Looking for making everybody dance during your wedding reception? Choose the proper music with our tips on wedding music.

Tips on choosing wedding musicians

Make a research
Make a small survey among your family members and friends concerning their recommendations on the best musicians from the wedding they have recently been invited. References of the close people are the best way to find the suitable musician.
Check acoustics
The type of musicians you should hire for your big day depends on the location. In case you plan the beach wedding, you’d better avoid string instruments. Thus, the big band is probably not the most appropriate option for the small wedding in the classical style in your backyard.
It is a golden rule to hear the musicians live before you make the final decision. If you don’t have a chance to do that in person, ask to show you the videotape. In case you are only provided with the CD, you should be sure that you are hearing exactly those people that you are planning to hire. Keep in mind that if your hear musician playing on 11 instruments during the audition and you plan to have only 9, the sound quality may differ.
Consider overtime factor
As a rule, couples tend to hire bands and DJs for 4 hours only. But, pretty often, the reception lasts longer than 4 hours, so consider discussing the overtime factor with them since your spontaneous decision may cost you overpriced fees.

It is necessary to have the printed or written contract, which includes the following information: names of musicians, contacts, date, location, duration of their performance. Also you should indicate the total price, deposit and fees for overtime.
Pick songs for special moments
Sure, you and your fiancé spend hours thinking about your first dance song, which has a great importance. But this is not the only moment that you can customize by using the original tunes. You may find the interesting songs for the cake cutting moment, bouquet toss and for the dance with your father.

Wedding-musicSongs to avoid
As a thought-out bride you have probably came up with the list of songs that are essential at your wedding. But, you can go even further by developing the list of songs that your musicians should avoid.

Wedding-musicBurn a separate CD
If you have the song for your first dance on the prerecorded CD, don’t forget to attach the song name and track number for the person, who will be turning it on. The better way is copying the chosen song on the empty CD to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Wedding-musicDress code
Usually talented people don’t pay much attention to their clothes and overall look. So, make sure to discuss the dress code with your musicians in order to avoid shocking your guests with DJ’s R&B look.Wedding-music-DJ


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