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Tips on Avoiding the Wedding Dance Embarrassments

The wedding dance became an inalienable part of the wedding reception and it is natural that the every couple wants it to go smooth. Dance classes are the standard way to obtain the dancing skills and boost your self confidence. Usually the local dance studios provide the wedding dance classes where you can get the choreography basics. Make sure to wear the appropriate shoes to the rehearsal. We are here to present you the tips of avoiding the typical wedding dance embarrassments.

How to prevent a dance disaster

Dance classes
If you are afraid of mistiming on the dance floor and feeling yourself a clumsy bear, the dancing classes are the way to go. You have got the two options to choose from: group classes with the range of other couples or the individual ones that will allow you personalize your first dance. Yellow pages or the local Parks & Recreation Department are here to provide you with the information regarding the dance school in your area.
In case you don’t feel comfortable dancing in the same room with other people, cannot afford the dance classes or simply find the schedule unsuitable, consider using the instructional video. The YouTube has plenty of the wedding dance tutorials that you can choose from.
Wearing appropriate shoes will minimize the risk of twisting your ankle or getting into the wedding cake with your face. Five-inch stilettos are not the proper shoes! Ballet slipper will work best since they are flat and comfy. Moreover, you can wear the ballet shoes throughout the entire reception, while still wearing the stilettos for the ceremony. As for men, they should ensure the soles of their shoes are not slick.
Limit the alcohol
Even though alcohol has the mood lifting effect and will make you feel like a top-notch dancer, chances are that it won’t make you appear like one. Try to limit the alcohol consumption before the wedding dance takes place.
The proper song is another condition of the perfect wedding dance. Picking the song that is too fast is fraught with not keeping up with the tempo, while the slow song is also not the ideal option. While picking the song, it would be better picking the song that is easy to dance to.
Consider spending some time with your fiancé on practicing the moves in the reception venue a day before the wedding takes place. This way you will be able to adjust your moves to the place.


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    I really appreciated it when you said that in order to make sure that the wedding dance turns out nicely, a person should avoid alcohol consumption because that can affect the way they move. I will surely take note of that, not for me but for my younger sister. She can get carried away rather easily, after the pressure of preparation, I have the feeling that she will drink the first chance she gets. I have to keep her in line. Thank you for the advice.

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