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Ten Reasons to Have Small Wedding

Weddings nowadays could be hardly called inexpensive. On the contrary, the sum of money couples spend on wedding celebration is getting higher and higher every year. So, let’s take a look at ten reasons for having the small wedding.

Reasons to have the small wedding

1. You have a unique chance to celebrate one of the happiest days in your life in the circle of the closest family members and friends instead of surrounding yourself by the unfamiliar guests like the second cousin you have never seen before.
2. You will be feeling more relaxed on the big day since you have known your guests for many years. So, your wedding will feel more like a friendly celebration of your love rather than a production.

3. You will be able to spare the significant sum of money by opting for the intimate wedding.

4. You get to choose from the wider choice of venues since there won’t be a need to contain a lot of guests. Besides, you may consider going for the unusual venue such as art galleries, museums and even small cafes.

5. You can indulge yourself in setting the wedding of your dream by going for the best choice offered on the wedding market. When your guests list is limited, you get the chance to splurge on the things you couldn’t dream about with the bigger wedding. Just think about it, this could be a fancy menu with delicacies, the designer wedding gown or the real jazz band.
6. You have an opportunity to customize and adapt your wedding to your dream one and make it a reflection of your couple.

7. You will be able to dedicate more time to each guest. Guests tend to feel themselves as strangers on the majority of weddings they get to attend, so change the situation and let each of your guests feel welcome and special.
8. Since you guests will feel like at home, it will be easier for them to communicate with others, what will create the friendly and cozy ambiance.

9. You will easily get all your guests involved in the wedding celebration. Besides, it will be much easier to create the DIY attributes for 50 guests instead of the 150.
10. You have an opportunity to have a wedding that will leave nice memories in people’s hearts since it won’t be typical.

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