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Guide on the Perfect Wedding Gift

How to Choose Wedding Gifts
Figuring what to give as a wedding gift could be tough, especially if it is a distant cousin or a coworker you don’t know well. Historically the wedding gifts were supposed to help the couple start their married life together and furnish aw cosy home, but back then it wasn’t customary to live together before getting married unlike today. So, often it is hard to decide on the wedding gift since the couple already has everything for the comfortable life. We bring you the striking ideas of the wedding gifts.

Original Ideas of Wedding Gifts

Add the personal touch to your wedding gift

A handmade gift is always a sincere gesture. It could be a photo album or the photo frame with your picture together. Believe me, the newlyweds will really appreciate your gift. Another way to add a personal touch is making an engraving on your gift.

Handmade Frame

Make a surprise with your wedding gift

We all know that an unexpected gift is probably the most pleasing one, so why not make a surprise with your wedding gift? Instead of going for the practical gift, opt for something fun or sentimental. It requires some effort and search, but the effect is worth it. The best place for purchasing the gift is your hometown or country, maybe the place where you used to spend a lot of time together or something that symbolizes the couple’s personalities. In this case the value of the gift is predetermined by the sentimentality it brings. Usually you don’t know what exactly you are looking for, but once you see it, you will understand that this is an ideal gift for the couple.

Mugs for Newlyweds

Honeymoon registry

More and more couples nowadays tend to opt for the wedding gift registry or the honeymoon registry, which allows you not to bother yourself with the search and simply spend the money on items or the honeymoon experience the couple really needs. This is an ideal option for those guests that are short of ideas and plan to travel to the destination wedding. An alternative to this would be buying something online and having it delivered to the couple.

Couple Swimming with Dolphins


A superb basket filled with the superior cheese, sweets and wine make up a classy gift idea. Regardless the fact whether you are the couple’s close friend or a colleague, a hamper with exquisite food will definitely be favored by the couple.

Foor Basket

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