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Striking Ideas of Groom’s Attire for Summer Wedding

Bride and Groom Beach Wedding

While the bridal gown is supposed to be a spotlight at the wedding, grooms should impress with their looks as well since it is also one of the most important days in his life. The major part of men limit themselves to the traditional choice – tuxedo, however if you don’t want to go a beaten track, there are plenty of ways to go for something fresh and original. Let’s find out what are the alternatives to wearing tuxedo on your wedding day.

Nowadays destination weddings are very popular, so it is no wonder that more and more couples tend to opt for the picturesque locations like Hawaii, Caribbean or even Florida – all these places feature a combination of the sun and Blue Ocean.

Ideas of Groom’s Attire for Beach Weddings

In fact beach weddings allow you to wear less official attire comparing to the traditional wedding. Besides, wearing a comfortable clothing will help men handle the stress, which is an often thing at the weddings.

Bride and Groom Destination Wedding

While black is usually the color of choice at the formal indoor weddings, white is perfect for the men’s attire at the destination beach wedding. Consider teaming the simple white shirt made from linen with khaki trousers or shorts to suit the setting without taking too much attention to yourself.

In case you are a beach fan and like amazing people, go over the board and do something fun with your looks like dressing the groom in the Hawaiian traditional shirt to add the true vibe of the tropics to his look.

Wedding in Hawaii

Keep in mind that shoes are probably the key element in the groom’s outfit. If you belong to that category of men that laugh when hearing the world pedicure, this time you should overcome yourself. Be sure, you fiancée will want you to look perfect from head to toe including your toe nails.

Consider complementing your look with the simple leather strappy sandals that will not only suit almost any outfit, but also will keep your feet cool and fresh during the heat. From the other side, as your wedding is going to take place at the beach, so being barefoot is also ok, especially if the bride is going to be barefoot as well.

Bride and Groom Destination Beach Wedding
Based on the time of the day, it wouldn’t hurt to wear stylish sunglasses, especially during the daytime ceremony. Make sure to take them off though when exchanging your vows.

However, good protection from the dangerous sun is the key element of the beach wedding, which just cannot be ignored. Thus ensure to apply the sun block before you appear at the beach in order to avoid starting your honeymoon with burns.


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