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Reasons to Take Wedding Photos Before the Ceremony

Wedding-photosWedding photos of the bride, groom and the couple together are the essential element of your wedding that will create the one of the kind memories about your special day. Remember, it is truly your day and you should benefit from it in full.

However it could be difficult to leave your guests and allocate some time for the photoshoot because of the busy program. But keep in mind that the nice pictures of just the two of you will provide you with everlasting memories. I came up with 5 reasons for having the wedding photoshoot before the ceremony starts.

Reasons to take wedding photos before the ceremony

Love at first sight
This is a unique chance to imprint that first special look when the bride and groom see each other for the first time during their wedding day. Wouldn’t it be nice to shoot the face of the bride and groom with the true love and admiration by each other. These are the really intimate moments when the two of you can fully express your feelings. Moreover, you got ready just minutes ago, so you don’t have to worry about the clanness of your dress, leaking mascara or sticking out hair.
Finding the break in the schedule
Usually wedding day is full of events like cocktail hour, dinner, dance time, your speech, cake cutting and taking family photos so you will hardly squeeze in this schedule the photoshoot time. So, taking some photos of you two together will release you from finding the room in the wedding day fussy agenda.
Not worrying about the guests
Taking the wedding photos in the morning will unload you from worrying about your guests that also require your attention throughout the entire day. You will simply take your time and spend the photoshoot the way you want it since the guests won’t be there yet.
Get to know the photographer
They key of beautiful photos is looking natural on them. The best way to behave naturally and comfortable in front of the camera is knowing your photographer and his style of work. So, when you assign the wedding photoshoot before the ceremony starts, you get enough time for familiarizing with the photographer and manners in work. Moreover, you will be able to look at the photos on the camera and experiment with different poses and places.
Natural lighting
The morning photoshoot provides with the unique opportunity to catch the natural light, but it shouldn’t be close to the mid day time as the rays lead to ugly shadows on faces.

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