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Original Wedding Transportation Ideas

Good old limo is used to be the number one choice as the wedding transportation, but it is not the only alternative. Consider going the original way by adding the personal touch in choosing the wedding transportation.

Every couple cannot manage it without the wedding transportation that would get you from the house to the chapel and then to the reception area. It is up to your either choosing the fancy white Rolls-Royce or the cab. But in case you want to amaze everybody with your original getaway and express your own personalities and style, we came up with the range of unique ideas for the wedding transportation.

Wedding transportation ideas

Sport cars
Those couples who love risk and high speed ride can consider riding the two-seat sport car. You may opt either for Maserati to Lamborghini in order to get to the wedding reception in seconds and leave into the twilight as the celebration ends.
Transportation-sport-car-weddingThese types of cars used to come in the bold hues like blue, red and yellow, so you can easily find the matching with your wedding theme car. In case you plan to ride the car yourself instead of the driver, make sure to follow the rules of the road and check the liability issues.

Another thing to consider is getting out of such a low-rider car since this could be very complicated, especially for the bride in dress. You will need to do some prior practice of the exit in order to look graceful at that moment.
Transportation-sport-car-weddingVintage automobiles
Car with the antique feel like a vintage Rolls-Royce is a chic option of the wedding transportation, besides it will be a great background for the classy black and white photos.
rolls-royce-weddingYou should also consider opting for the antique cars that are distinguished with a little more character. That could be the vintage VW Beetle or even the ancient pickup truck.
The two-wheelers like the motorbike, golf cart or even a tandem bike is a romantic way to leave your wedding reception. Believe me, you will enjoy looking at the touching photos of your getaway. Just keep in mind that you need some prior practicing of riding the two-wheeler in the wedding gown and heels.
Wedding-transportationHorse carriages
If you want to feel yourself as the heroes of the fairy-tale, you may consider leaving in the horse-drawn carriage. These carriages can fit from two to six persons, so it is possible to have your attendants riding with you. The nice way is renting the few carriages to ride the entire wedding party what will create the procession similar to that royal one.
Wedding-transportation-carriageThose contemporary couples can consider the modern alternative to the carriage- pedicab, which will perfectly suit the urban landscapes.
Wedding-transportation-pedicabParty bus
You don’t have to wait until the wedding reception begins to start celebrating your big day. Take your guests to the fun ride in the party bus, which fits upt to 40 guests. Usually the party buses are equipped with the bar, have the lighting and music.

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    Two-wheelers are soooo cute, but unfortunately neither I nor my fiancee cannot ride it.

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