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Inexpensive Places for Holding the Wedding

It might seem that the wedding is an expensive affair that will make you ears in debt, especially considering the high fees of the numerous banquet halls, chapels and other wedding venues. There are still several places for holding both the wedding ceremony and reception that are either totally free of charge or relatively inexpensive. Keep in mind that the wedding should be a fun and beautiful affair rather than money-losing event.

Inexpensive places for holding the wedding

Beach is probably the most romantic place for holding the wedding owing to the white sand, blue waves and boundless scope. The major part of the beaches is free of charge, so you won’t pay anything for paying the seaside wedding ceremonies. After you decide on the beach, confirm with the local parks and recreation department since some beaches call for the permit, which might cost couple hundred dollars. Besides, there could be the restrictions on the amount of your guests.
National forest
Just like with the beach weddings, the biggest expense article with the national forest weddings is the permit fee. These fees may vary from park to park, so check with the forest department in advance. Yosemite National Park, for instance, charges $150 per permit. Besides, some parks may charge additional fees for vehicle registration and cleaning.
Family home
What won’t definitely cost you a cent is a family home or the lot of land. The nice memories from your childhood along with the simple access for the guests make the family home an ideal place for the budget-friendly wedding in the intimate atmosphere. Check whether you will need to acquire the noise permits or the neighbor permissions if you plan to have the loud music.
Las Vegas
In the movies Las Vegas is often shown as a perfect wedding location for couples that have the limited budget. This city has a few venues that offer the wedding “packages” that will cost you $75. These packages guarantee the marriage license, venue, hotel room, Elvis impersonator and other types of Las Vegas wedding-related services.

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