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Ideas for the Outdoor Wedding Reception in Chicago

Owing to the numerous aspects including the beautiful skyline, numerous architectural monuments, stunning parks by the lake and the Lake Michigan itself, Chicago became a popular city for celebrating the outdoor weddings. But just like with any other place for the destination wedding, there are some aspects to take into consideration before deciding on the location for your perfect wedding.

How to set the outdoor wedding reception in Chicago


Come up with the date

Though you may set the outdoor wedding for whatever date they want to, wedding planners consider the mid-May to late September as the best months for outdoor wedding celebration in Chicago.

Unforeseen plans

Despite the geographical location, wedding planners still suggest the couples to avoid the outdoor wedding. In fact the rain, hail, strong breeze and low temperature can come very rapidly in spite of the time of the year. So make sure to have the plans B and even C regarding the wedding venue. Whether you plan to hold the ceremony in your parents’ backyard or in the public place, make sure to install the tent or have the indoor location in case the thunderstorm or strong breeze come.


Before deciding on the wedding ceremony and reception location, it is essential to obtain the permission from the city of Chicago or from the suburb. In case you want to use the tent, tent rental companies will advice you the places where you can install the tent in order to avoid the underground gas lines and water mains. Moreover the trustworthy rental companies can build in the air conditioning to cool your down during the hot days as well as the space heaters for the chilly days.


You should compose the menu for the outdoor wedding reception depending on the weather conditions in terms of the flavor and food safety. For instance try to avoid the food like the meringue cookies that tend to lose crispness during the humid weather. As well as the venue, try to come up with the backup plan for the food. Also take into consideration the fact that air conditioner and heater can influence the way your food looks.

As for the wedding cakes, they are also very sensitive to the high temperature and dampness, so ask the baker’s recommendations on the best filling and décor that will resist the high temperature. Anyways try to expose your cake to the heat, sunlight and wind for as short period of time as possible.

Other aspects

Though Chicago is an urban city from the head to toe, it still has insects and mosquitoes that can become a serious obstacle at your wedding celebration. Have the local insect and mosquito control companies to spray the special liquid early in the morning to keep you from the bug invasion throughout the wedding reception. Citronella candles will protect you from the bugs as well.

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