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How to Throw Truly Regal Wedding

Want a wedding from a fairytale? Regal style is what you need if you don’t want to make any particular fairytale a theme. You’ll get to look like a queen or princess and have a beautiful venue and wedding decor without drawing any associations and comparisons.

Regal Wedding Ideas

Regal wedding

Also prepare to splurge as a royal-like wedding might cost you a small fortune and then some. Sure you don’t have to make it big but it sure has to be impressive.

For instance, your venue is better be an architectural masterpiece or at the very least beautifully and abundatly decorated. The best place for throwing a regal wedding, of course, would be a castle but you can also choose a mansion, a ballroom, or even a yacht (mermaid-style).

Another big expenditure would be the dress. Princess style dress is appropriate but if you want something more exquisite and elegant go with mermaid style. It has to be impressive and embellished to look truly regal so keep that in mind.

Finally, a wedding cake should accentuate the wedding style so go with a monogrammed or bejeweled cake and make its appearance special with a creative cake stand or table.

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