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How to Take the Family Portrait

Besides being a festive event, weddings provide with the unique chance to get the family portrait since it is a rare chance to gather all the family members together for the photo taken by the professional photographer. So in result you get the photo that will become an important memory from your big day through the generations.

Family portrait tips

Inform your photographer in advance about your plan regarding the family portrait. The sooner you tell him about your intentions, the better he will be prepared and include the family portray in the wedding day schedule.
Let your family members know about taking the family portrait on your big day. This way you will avoid the concerns about looking or dressing not good enough. Moreover, they could even collude about wearing the clothes in the same color gamma. Alert them to exclude printed garments since they look distracting.
Define of types of portraits you would like to have and make a list for the photographer stating who is supposed to be on each picture.
Figure with the photographer what are the best places for taking the family portrait. In fact the outdoors will work best since it can contain larger groups of people and provides with the ideal lighting for the photos, while indoors can come out too dark.
Discuss with your photographer the best moments for taking the photos. Keep in mind that some of the guests could come late so the best time for the family portrait is an interval after the end of the ceremony and the beginning of the reception. Once the portrait is taken, the family members could leave to the reception or cocktail hour, while the bride and groom can have their own photoshoot without feeling shy in front of the crowd of relatives.
Arrange the seating places for the elderly family members. They will probably prefer sitting on the chairs while posing for the portrait.

Tips on taking the family portrait

Inform your family members about your plans on taking the family portrait. Instead of telling the precise time, you should tell that the photoshoot will take place right after the end of the ceremony.
Make up the list of the relatives that would want to have the copy of the portrait so that you know exactly how many copies to print.family-portrait-wedding

Keep in mind that the large group photos require the 8*10 inch size.

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