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How to Plan Wedding When Guests Don’t Get Along

Let’s be candid with ourselves, the wedding planning is a very nerve-racking thing to do, especially when there are factors that add more stress like the arguing relatives or friends. We bring you the 5 ways that will help you to lower the stress level of handling the possible big scandal on your wedding day.

Tips on Wedding Planning When Guests Are Conflicting

Leave the conflict at the door

Even though it is clear for the major part of the people, certain people still need to be reminded that they should behave properly during your wedding celebration. It could be either the one-to-one discussion or the e-mail letter. Keep in mind that on the wedding day the happiness of the bride and groom is all that matter and everyone invited should contribute to it.


Plan the seating chart accordingly

There are two ways of seating your wedding guests: you may either come up with the seating chart or have everyone seat according to their personal preferences. These two ways will help you to avoid the potential conflict among certain people.


Limit the amount of alcohol served at the wedding

As we all know alcohol leads to the dulling of the common senses, which could result in a dramatic scene during your wedding reception. So, the best way to decrease the chances of conflict occurring is limiting the amount of the alcohol intake. Consider serving beer, wine or one signature cocktail instead of having an open bar.


Have the striking musicians

An effective method of avoiding the prospective conflicts is having a fun celebration. Consider hiring the musicians that will play the stirring songs that will impel everyone to dance. Figure what are the favorite songs of your family members and friends and try to choose accordingly. Keep in mind that the loud music won’t allow people hearing others’ words.



The wedding day should be fully focused on the bride and the groom, so there is nothing wrong with making it clear to your guests. This is your big day and you are the one that should take control over everything, including the potential quarrel. So, in case one of your guests doesn’t like someone else, he or she should simply hold their tongue.


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