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How To Make Your Own Wedding Bouquet

A bridal bouquet is an expenditure of its own but add bridesmaids bouquets, groom and groomsmen boutonnieres, and some flower arrangements for the ceremony and you get a whole separate flower budget. And those professional arrangements albeit beautiful and at times breathtaking can really set you back hundreds of dollars. So if you are planning a small wedding on budget there is an option to make your own wedding bouquet.

Make Your Own Wedding Bouquet

DIY peony bouquet

The easiest way to arrange your own wedding bouquet is to choose one flower in one or two colors and focus on prepping the stems and putting together a bouquet that will last a day. You’ll need between 20 and 30 stems, floral preservative, sharp knife or pruners, and a ribbon or green florist tape for securing the ready bouquet.

The flowers should be prepped in advance. You’ll also need to learn about how to treat each type of flower individually. For instance, you don’t want to cut off the rose thorns completely (just the sharpest point) as they preserve water in the flower and you want your flowers to stay alive and open as long as possible.

Wholesale flowers often come with closed buds so you’ll need to leave them in a bucket of water for hours (some as long as the night) to make them open up. You should treat them carefully and learn all the possible information you need to make a flower arrangement. Otherwise your bouquet may wither and die before you get a chance to throw it.

When it comes to arranging a more complex bouquet you’ll need all the knowledge and taste you can muster. While adding some filler plants isn’t such a big deal, pairing different types of flowers might take some practice so do a mock bouquet before wedding to decide on your floral arrangement and do all of your floral arrangements the day before wedding.

DIY paper bouquet

A few rules that might help you with a more complex bouquet are not to combine too many different flowers like lilies and roses. Go for different sizes. For instance, bigger and smaller rose buds look great together. In terms of color try to stay within one color family. Green is almost always suitable for a bouquet but if you want a cleaner more sophisticated bouquet stick to one color.

If you don’t want a flower bouquet, then you can make a bejeweled or paper arrangement that will definitely last as long as you need.


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