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How To Make Wedding Planning Fun

Some people love making lists, organize things, and attend to every small detail. In short they’re crazy about planning. Others see the planning part of the wedding as daunting and stressful. And it really can be and they sometimes don’t even try to glamorize it in the movies. For those of you who want to relieve the stress from all the organizing here are some great tips for making  wedding planning fun.

Wedding planning

Wedding planning

Be Flexible 

Being flexible when planning anything can be a really helpful quality. There are so many things that can go opposed to the plan so why stress yourself out when you can simply change the venue, plug in an iPod with your favorite music and invite another photographer? Bottom line, nothing is irreplaceble. Yes, maybe the original venue you planned for was more spacious and beautiful but it wouldn’t be the end of the world to marry at another location so long as your friends and family are there with you. On this note, be sure to have a plan B.


Prioritizing things can save you so much time and effort. The first and foremost in wedding planning is setting a budget, determining a guest list and a date. Then goes venue, music, cuisine and cake. Make sure to discuss the most important things with your fiance so you know you’re on a same page.

Get Help

You both have people to help with your wedding planning. It can be your friends and family, and of course, a bridesmaid and best man. Ask them to help you find info on certain venues or choose menu for the reception.

Finally, Have Fun

Sounds crazy? Just try and relax. You’ve probably done some things by now but there is more to do and there is a wedding to enjoy. Go places together with your fiance. Let him into the dressing room while you’re trying on a dress or wedding lingerie. Try cakes together and make a little game out of everything. Get competing for who’s ordering pizza or takeout while filling in guest invitations. The first one to finish signing those invitations can even get to choose cake or music for the wedding so you cross out another daunting task off your list.

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